Nuulife Cinemas Presents : What Happened? ft. Kurtis Rothecker

24 11 2011

Recently our boys in Nuulife Cinemas released a film.  It was about the past season when nobody really knows What Happened?  All we can really tell from the footage is that a bunch of rad kids from all over the place got together and shredded the shit out of hills, handrails and whatever else they could get their hands on.

Bangers were plentiful and off-hill hilarity ensued at every turn.  This video is great from start to finish and the fact that it was put together by some of the nicest, most raddest, coolest, bro-ly-est people I have ever met.

I am going to shut up because I talk to much as it is.  Just enjoy the videos, thanks Kurtis for the links and everyone at Nuulife for your hard work.  Keep sending!






One response

25 11 2011
Tyler Hassman

Did he get hit by that truck?

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