New Additions To DC Pro Team

2 01 2012

After long last there comes some huge news to kick off 2012.  Streetjesus is back on the map with our first new post in weeks!

Kidding there is bigger news than that, and you guys called it!  With nearly 45% of the popular vote it seems as though you all knew that Mike Mo Capaldi was going to end up rolling around with DC’s on his feet.

This is massive news considering he joins what is quickly becoming the New York Yankees of the skate world.  Scooping up every talented player they can get their hands on and creating one of the most stacked teams ever assembled.  DC now consists of Chris Cole, Mikey Taylor, Mike Mo…Oh yeah, and NYJAH HUSTON.  All in addition to their already great roster featuring the likes of Danny Way, Matt Miller and Colin McKay.

Stayed tuned as product releases for the two newest athletes on the DC team won’t be far behind.  And as for Streetjesus, don’t worry we promise never to leave you for that long ever again.  And who knows, maybe we will have some new additions for 2012 as well.




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