Inbox: with Josh Bresciani of Snowbox

6 04 2010

It’s Saturday night, around 10 pm. Josh Bresciani (Snowbox) and Jesse Bryksa (Sunshine & Ski) show up at streetjesus headquarters and take a seat on the sketchiest couch in the place. They have come over to take care of some last minute details for their contest THESHOW, which will go down the next day at Mission Ridge. The boys have spent the last five days shovelling features for the contest, and have been staying at the lake during downtime. You can tell by the way they smell that there has been very little sleeping, eating or showering going on during this time.

This is what Snowbox Freestyle and Design is all about… not afraid of a little hard work, and willing to put the progression of snowboarding in Sask above all else, including your own needs. Through the magic of internet messaging, SJ caught up with the Owner/Operator of Snowbox while he was vacationing down south…

Josh sending it off the Sasktel Jibfest jump which he helped build

STREETJESUS: So Josh, what exactly IS a “Snowbox”?

JOSH BRESCIANI: Hey Street Jesus! Well I don’t exactly know what a snowbox is, but I called my school and design Snowbox because when I see comps done and the features are cut perfectly and there are so called “snowboxes” around bonks and features of that style, it just looks clean and professional.

SJ: Ok, so tell us a bit about Snowbox Freestyle and Design…

JB: Well, Snowbox Freestyle and Design is a freestyle snowboarding school and competition design. We introduce how to jump, jib and just make you an all around better rider. We also teach up to a competitive level as well. The design aspect of Snowbox is competition course design. This year we produced THESHOW and helped design the Sasktel Jibfest set up with Adam Burwell. We keep our designs super original and creative, like nothing you have seen before! Snowbox also does trips throughout the year to give riders as much experience as possible.

SJ: Tell us about some of the features you were a part of building this year…

JB: Well we be built a 22ft 6” round handrail pipe with caps on it… Thanks to Joel Carr and Braden M for all the help…it is probably one of the smoothest features in the park! I also picked up a 16ft 1,000 gallon propane tank, which most of you know is unreal! As a jib, hitching post, bonk, copping, as whatever.. its way to much fun. Last but not least some of the most legit features I picked up from legendary Darrin at Snow Park Solutions… these guys produce the features in Whistler, Sunpeaks, Biggy.. everywhere! We bought a 20ft down “T’ box with copping and a 24ft down flat down “T” box with copping. These features are built like tanks and will be perfect every year!

Jib features in Sasktel Jibfest

SJ: I heard that acquiring appliances for a snowboard contest was an interesting experience?

JB: Aha yeah… for a competition called THESHOW that Snowbox and Sunshine & Ski produced we had some pretty original features, such as a fridge bonk and a washer and dryer bonk/ jib set up. I basically just posted an ad on Used Regina and asked for used appliances for free…. when I went to pick up the used appliances, people other tried to get me to clean out the rest of their garbage, or wouldn’t let me have it because they thought I was going to ride it down a hill…. it was more of a challenge than you would have thought. Thanks to Adam Zook for lifting old washers and dryers up peoples stairs aha.

Josh will steal your fridge

SJ: If you had unlimited money, time, staff and equipment to build a snowpark, what would it look like?

JB: Thats an awesome question, but I honestly don’t even know. I guess all I can say is it would be exactly like THESHOW x 1,000,000… super clean! It would have a taste of everything… long handrails, low handrails, tanks, appliances, big jumps, small jumps, cannon boxes ahah I dont even know….the options are endless. The for sure thing I would have though would be a 6 table jump line.

SJ: Well yea, who doesn’t love a good 6 table jump line. So let’s talk about this freestyle snowboarding school you have going on… How much can you teach someone about hitting a jump or sliding a rail, and how much of it is just about riding lots and taking all the bumps and bruises that comes with it?

JB: Well alot of learning a new trick and advancing toward hitting rails or a jump is just about getting mileage on it. Trying it as much as possible, so it eventually feels simple and almost natural. Of course it comes with the bumps and bruises, but that’s all part of the sport. From there you can take that same trick and try it on a larger and more aggressive feature such as a handrail and a XL park jump. At Snowbox your not going to learn how to double cork, but who hits a jump their first time and throws that anyways? We will teach you how to properly approach rails, jumps and other features with confidence and style. We will teach you unlimited amounts of jib tricks, frontside, backside, cab, switch backside spins, and even fun/creative tricks to just lap the park with.

Josh chillin' on the most well known feature that Snowbox produced in their first season

SJ: What can we expect from Snowbox in the near future? In regards to both the freestyle school and the design element…

JB: Hopefully Snowbox can grow and gain some more students in the next couple years. I think a large aspect of Snowbox’s future will be it’s course design and the contest we produce called THESHOW. Hopefully both of those aspects can move around Saskatchewan and possibly into Manitoba and Alberta. Snowbox is also looking at taking the clean and creative course design to the water this summer in a slider competition. It would be the same feel as THESHOW and a super fun setup. The reason why Snowbox wants to keep doing contests, trips and events for the snowboarding community is because in the last year the community has seen a huge change. A change in the amount of freestyle snowboarders as well as skiiers, the level of riding and the style of riding in Saskatchewan. I think Snowbox has made a great impact this year on alot of riders. Getting riders to hit new features and getting riders to progress. Snowbox is also doing a huge trip to Camp Woodward at Copper Mountain in Colorado this June. We are taking eight riders for 6 days to enjoy foam pits, tramp training, air bags, and riding beatuful Copper Mountain. I think this is a great way to get riders to progress in their all around riding and especially jumping. Coming from Sask we do not have the privilege to jump all the time. Going to Woodward will get riders comfortable with hitting large tables and even spinning off of them.

SJ: Here’s a chance to give props to your homies… any shout outs?

JB: I would like to say thanks to everyone that is a part of Snowbox Freestyle Snowboarding School and Design!! I would aslo like to thank everyone who helped produce THESHOW such as Adam Zook, Roy Hitchens, Levi Ziegler, Jesse Bryksa, Maraya Bresciani, Zach Henry, Lori Bresciani, Graham Scott, Justin Inkson, Braden Mueller, Steph Scott, Rob Bresciani, and Joel Carr for helping with set up, take down, registration, and music. Also a big thanks to Sunshine and Ski for co-producing THESHOW, all of the sponsors K2 Snowboarding, Rumors Boardshop, Feelin it Graphics, Mission Ridge Winter Park, Class Five Snowboards, Red Bull, Spy Optics and a special thanks to Sask Snowboarding for also progressing snowboarding every year! Huge thanks to Street Jesus for keeping us up to date on everything goin on within this evolving industry every day!!

Josh Bresciani
Snowbox Freestyle and Design

Josh is right… Snowbox Freestyle and Design did push the sport of snowboarding a lot in just one season. Their course designs for THESHOW and Jibfest really were a breath of fresh air for snowboarding in Sask… I even found myself obsessed with getting out to Mission Ridge for some quality time with Josh’s propane tank. Look for BIG things from Snowbox in the next little while, and know that when you see the Snowbox logo on an event poster, you’re in for something special. – SJ


THESHOW by Burwell Productions

24 03 2010


19 03 2010

Here is some video from THESHOW. Full recap and complete updated results here.


15 03 2010

In what will hopefully become an annual event, THESHOW went down Sunday at Mission Ridge, SK. About 75 park rats came out to get a piece of the most original slopestyle setup in Saskatchewan’s history. The course included a large propane tank, a washer/dryer feature, a fridge bonk, a butter box/launcher and more. Here’s what went down:

Zach Taylor and Levi Ziegler were stealing the show most of the day. On the propane tank, which was approximately 15 feet long and hard as fuck, both riders did a cab 180 to 50-50, tame dog (frontflip) out. Zach added some perfect frontside 360 fridge bonks, and Levi answered with a couple backflips and some stellar frontside rodeo handplants on the fridge.

Unfortunately, due to some extreme fatigue from killing it all day, the boys weren’t able to put down their best stuff in the finals, and Mission Ridge snowboard instructor Matt Kary taught a lesson on how to slay rails. He did 270 on-270 off on the propane tank, backside lip on the propane tank, and nosepressed the down bar… all buttery smooth. His consistency and steeze was enough to secure him the win.

Not a lot of girls came out to ride in the comp, but the ones who did were sending it all day, and didn’t really seem intimidated by anything. Yep, they were a true group of snowboard ladies… always having fun, and never afraid to throw down just like the boys.

Congrats to all the winners, and to organizers Josh Bresciani and Jesse Bryksa for killing it! It was an awesome event, and everyone has a good goggle tan to show for it. Here are the results:

Mens Open Snowboard:

  1. Matt Kary
  2. Levi Ziegler
  3. Zach Taylor

Mens Open Ski:

  1. Nathan Gorin
  2. Paul Rommelaere
  3. Farren Brown

Amateur Snowboard:

  1. Matt Stephan
  2. Cole Welter
  3. Preston Wood

Womens Snowboard:

  1. Kristen Zorn
  2. Rebecca Weimer
  3. Jessica Balfour

Groms Snowboard:

  1. Brady Lockert
  2. Rylan Dusyk
  3. Chris Dong

Groms Ski:

  1. Samuel Palaschuk
  2. Jason McDougal

Josh Bresciani - Making it happen #1

Jesse Bryksa - Making it happen #2

Matt Kary - Nosepress

Levi Ziegler - Frontside Rodeo Handplant

Ben Mcintyre getting a good look at Zach Taylor on the propane tank

New School Blayne does what most new school kids do when they see a rail feature... jump over it!

Justin Bryksa - Yes ladies, he does work at Sunshine & Ski...

... and he has a bad case of good steeze.

Zach Henry - Fridge

THESHOW – Sunday at Mission

13 03 2010

THESHOW goes down Sunday, March 14th at Mission Ridge, SK.

Josh and Jesse have spent the last week preparing the best slopestyle course Saskatchewan has ever seen, and a talented pool of riders are ready to throw down.

If you are not a contest-caliber rider, come hang out at the Ridge and support a really cool contest. You will have the chance to watch some great snowboarding, soak up some beautiful spring weather, and hang out with the best people on the planet to hang out with… snowboarders!

More info here. See you at the Ridge!

THESHOW – Update

1 03 2010

Well it’s March now, and that can only mean one thing… spring snowboarding. THESHOW is coming up fast and furious, and here’s a quick message from the boys:

“Hellloooo everyone!!!!

Just a heads up for riders that have not yet registered, Every category and division (Mens Open, Amateur, Womens, Groms) is goin to have a cut off at 25 riders. The option for a division will close down on the registration page when it is full. Right now the Am and Mens are the closest to being full….. sooo go register online at and click THESHOW. We dont want you to miss out on tons of CASH, prizes, free food, and a sikk good timeee!!!!

See you on the 14TH!


21 02 2010

Was anyone out there craving a fun, laid-back comp that everyone can afford to ride in? Well some of Saskatchewan’s finest are making it happen this year. THESHOW will go down Sunday March 14th at Mission Ridge, SK. Here is the scoop…

“Snowbox Freestyle Snowboarding School is proud to present THESHOW!!!!!!! THESHOW is a Freestyle snowboarding and skiing competition that will take place on Sunday March 14th at Mission Ridge Winter Park and it is only $20 to enter! This comp is an open jam and top riders will advance. We have boards, bindings, swagg, CASH, and more… and cant forget free food for riders!!! Expect this to be the most creative comp Sask has seen yet!!!!!

For more info and to register visit
See you on the 14th!”

Keep it tuned to SJ for more details as they roll in.

– jefton

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