Darrell Mathes + Spy

11 10 2011

Remember a while back when we told you about Spy Google Segment Manager Brent Sandor on Vitamin Water.ca?  Well, in that interview he mentioned the name Darrell Mathes and here is why.

Spy recently announced the release of a signature series of their Zed goggle, inspired by Mathes and his photographic tendencies.  Using imagery from Mathes himself the Zed goggle, which is one of the best cylindrical goggles on the market is designed to rip as good as it looks.  And coming from someone who has ridden this goggle for years, take it from me, it works!

Congrats to Darrell on this release and we look forward to big things from him, as well as Spy this season.  Here is the official release:


SPY Optic today announced the release of its SPY+ Darrell Mathes Zed snow goggle, an eclectic frame and strap combination crafted through the lens of SPY Professional Snowboarder Darrell Mathes’s Polaroid camera.

         SPY worked very close with me on my goggle this year, says Mathes. I can?t believe how rad my photos look on the strap.  Combine that with the matte black frame and it’s perfect! and SPY put a limited postcard print of one of my photos in a custom envelope with each goggle. It?s kind of amazing.

The SPY + Darrell Mathes Zed goggle comes in a matte black frame with metal detailing and unique SPY patching inspired by Mathes’s land camera body and a black-and-white strap that features his favorite Polaroid shots. Every SPY + Darrell Mathes Zed goggle comes with a randomly-assorted Mathes print in a special envelope.

         There’s no goggle out there that has the style and comfort of the Zed, says Mathes.  It’s the ideal blend of basics and performance and SPY includes a free bonus lens so you always have the right lens for any light conditions.

MSRP for the SPY + Darrell Mathes Zed is $110, available with a bronze with silver mirror lens and free persimmon bonus lens. The SPY + Darrell Mathes Zed goggle features the anti-fog cylindrical dual lens; the SPY-patented Scoop venting system; flexible frame; triple-layer Isotron face foam featuring moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece; dual-adjustment, silicone-ribbed strap; and 100% UV protection.

         The Zed snow goggle is available in variety of other colorways, including the SPY+ DCP + YES, SPY + Eero Niemela, SB, Occult, Crust, Bright Idea, Unite and solid black frame or solid white frame. Zed? lenses come in a variety of tints to take on any conditions.


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