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19 10 2011

What started out as a joke turned into the future of action sports, and what started as a hobby turned into a passion.  What started as a part-time job turned into a crash course down a career path, and what started as a few chance meetings has turned into life-long friendships.

Chris Smith and Dallas Hordichuk are two guys who have had an immense impact on this blog and my life in general with their unrivaled stoked on their sport and daily commitment to sharing their enjoyment with whoever they can.

Over the last year Chris spent a ton of time in the mountains honing his craft and becoming a force to be reckoned with in the park.  Dallas was at home for the majority of the year but spent his time playing a massive roll in the growth of snowboarding in Saskatchewan and taking the Offaxis program to a new level.

I owe a lot to both guys, mostly for continuing to show me that there are people out there who care about the sport and will do whatever it takes to help make it into what it surely can be.  This video is a testament to skill level and insane commitment that both of them have to what they do, and shows that hard work pays off, the learning curve is worth it and passion is something that can’t be faked.


Thanks so much to both of you and I can’t wait to see what comes down the pipe!



Team Profile: Christopher Beetoven Smith

4 06 2011

Name: Christopher Beetoven Smith
DOB: Sept 14, 1990
Hometown: The Queen City, yo.
Currently Resides: Whistler, holmes
Years Shredding: 4
Fav Athletes: Ludwig Lejkner, Pierre-Yves Billette
Fav Tricks: Bs 5 indy, Fs blunt 270
Jams: Gangst’ rap, Metal and 99 Problems by Ice T.
Sponsors: North shore credit union bank once my check gets cleared
Shoutouts: Nathan Dee, Jake and Aron Duffy and the Super Dope Nova crew.

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A Quick Whistler Park Sesh…

6 05 2011

… feat. Christopher Beetoven Smith and SUPERDOPE NOVA!

Video: Nicolas Houle

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