Mmmm…Hot Dawgs & SPY+

28 09 2011

Over the weekend our friends at Spy optic made their presence felt at the 8th annual Hot Dawgs and Handrails.  There was shredding and toilet bobbing, and hot dogs and…wall rides.  Oh also, there was apparently a tap-dancing contest that took place on a handrail.  In any event HD&HR looked like another hit thanks to people like Spy being there to make things just a little more awesome in a way only they know how to do.


Bon Hiver Freebase Binding System

26 09 2011

Did you know that Bon Hiver is French for “Good winter”?

That is the first time that knowing the language of French has ever come in handy in my entire life. Anyways, this binding is kinda weird! Have a look…

Geremy Guido Snowpark Edit

25 09 2011

The season is wrapping up in New Zealand, and Geremy Guido and filmer Liam Hall have put together a little edit re-capping his time at Snowpark this summer (winter?).

Only 55 days til Geremy makes the Rockstar Terrain Park in Sun Peaks his bitch once again.

Jake Burton Reveals Battle With Cancer

24 09 2011

Jake’s letter to the Burton family:


To: Burton Global
From: Jake

Good News and Bad News

The bad news is that I have cancer. The good news is that it is as curable as it gets. What I have is called Seminoma, also known as Testicular Cancer (think Lance Armstrong). I have three months of chemo ahead with the possibility of surgery along the way.

Last week was a rough one for me and Donna in that for several days my prognosis looked far, far worse. What struck me and everyone around me as unusual during this time was the fact that I didn’t get that upset about my situation. I have come to the conclusion that this for sure is simply a reflection of the people I’m surrounded and supported by.

Starting with a perfect wife, 3 loving sons, and a stable of amazing friends, I am way ahead of your average bear in the support department. But the support that I feel from this company and all of you is what puts me on another level; starting with the best Senior Management Team I’ve ever seen here, on through to every Burton employee all over the world. I hope that, should any of you find yourself in a similar predicament, Burton can provide you with the same sense of peace and support.

I have no idea what my work schedule is going to be, but I assume it will have its ups and downs. I will keep you posted on Yammer and e-mail with my progress.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do for me is to keep kicking ass the way you have been.

See you all at the fall bash.



Get better Jake. We luh u.

Thank you to Transworld Business for this story


18 09 2011

Had a chance to check out the Dope II premiere in Kelowna last night, along with the much-anticipated Buck Love from the infamous Buckhunters crew. There was beer, barbecue, boards, and babes (see what I did thur). It was a down-home good time!

Here’s the first DOPE if anyone hasn’t seen it… and if you wanna see a shred flick with a little less slo-mo than the Art of Flight, get stoked on DOPE II!

The First Snowskate Vid Ever on SJ?

17 09 2011

Mitch Serbu, Austin Welter and friends for Ambition Snowskates.

Craig McMorris and Friends in “What Happened?”

15 09 2011

After I watched this teaser, I was like “What happened? Where am I right now? Am I still a human being?”

NuuLife is steadily pumping out some of the sickest looking stuff these days… so pumped on that crew! And Craig has some pretty special tricks in this like usual!

All the hype is coming to your computer for free on Nov. 1st!

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