Boardworld Girls Magazine : By Girls, For Girls

4 10 2011

Last week the launch of a new girls magazine was announced.  It’s called BWG (Boardworld Girls) and it is based on art, fashion, music, and action sports for the fairer sex.  I was originally drawn to this site, because chicks are awesome and looking at them is fun, then I realized it is one of the most well thought out, well put together sites I have come across in a while.

Everything is done cleanly, tastefully and decidedly feminine, which even if you are a dude, isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I was excited to be watching good videos and reading good content in a format that was soft, easy to follow and didn’t use bro for every second word; don’t expect me to stop doing that anytime soon, bro.  The site has features, videos, photos and blog and style sections that rival ANY lifestyle magazine out there.

Girls are beautiful, talented and creative which gives them at least one leg up on us hairy, sailor-mouthed, talented and creative dudes.  So do yourself a favor and check out BWGMAG.COM and show some love to the ladies pushing the envelope in our industry.  You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh yeah, and they are Canadian!



Jeff Schmid Leaves Streetjesus

27 09 2011

Something happened earlier today that shocked everyone close to this project and will greatly impact the viewing audience that has been following Streetjesus for nearly 2 years.  Our main contributor of content, as well as team manager and my close personal friend Jeff Schmid has decided to part ways with Streetjesus, and it’s affiliated projects.

I am not going to try and speak on Jeff’s behalf, but I will try and outline for all of you the immediate impacts that this will have on the day-to-day operations of the site.  First off, let me begin by saying Jeff’s decision to leave was an amicable one, and his time spent on this project was and is greatly appreciated and highly valuable.  Jeff played a major roll in the daily operation of Streetjesus as a website accounting for most, and often all of the online content that appeared on the page.  He was also responsible for founding and maintaining the team portion of our efforts including managing their online content as well as keeping up the working relationship with our team members.

As a result of the decision Jeff has made, several key things will have to change, at least for the immediate future.  This will include the dissolution of our team as it is currently structured.  This means that the “Team” section of the page will no longer operate as it has been, but that is basically where the changes stop.  Streetjesus will continue to post content from friends and riders close to us, and support their careers and endeavors if they chose to continue using us as an outlet.  In addition to this, the behind-the-scenes efforts that have been made to support our artists and riders will continue to move in a direction that will benefit these people, as well as future Streetjesus ambassadors.

As far as the daily content of the site goes that will also see minor changes moving forward.  All of you have probably noticed Jeff has nearly been the sole contributor of content to the website.  This move means that content will obviously suffer a slight set-back, but rest assured every effort is, and will continue to be made to keep the site and it’s content at the highest level possible.

The biggest thing with this decision is that Streetjesus today, has effectively lost its   most valuable member.  The enthusiasm that Jeff has shown to this project over the previous months has been immeasurable and is something that will be greatly missed.  This does not mean however, that Jeff is no longer a part of the Streetjesus family, as his input, insight and personal feelings toward the action sports world are highly valuable and are something that will always command a high level of attention and respect.

“Streetjesus started as friends, who were inspired by what was happening in our lives.  We are stoked.  Now we want to share that feeling with as many people as we possibly can.  Sick of over commercialized cheese ball perspectives of our lives by the mainstream media, we are taking our stories to the streets and putting them where they belong…In your face.

This is what we do; this is who we are…THIS IS STREETJESUS.”

This is a statement that still holds true and will never change, it is the reason this project was started and it will continue to be the thought process that pushes it forward.

I speak for our entire viewership and myself when I say that I would like to thank Jeff for all of the hard work and effort that he has put toward this and wish him nothing but the best of luck with his future endeavors as well as his current undertakings.

I would also like to sincerely thank all of you for the support and love you have shown us and hope that you continue to look to Streetjesus as your source for stoke, emotion and passion in the online world of action sports, and keep making our presence felt where it matters most… In the Streets.



Brent Sandor: Destroy to Create

30 08 2011

Check it out on!

Desiree Melancon brings you… Willow

11 08 2011

I asked Sj team rider Baylan McGraw what he was stoked on right now, and this was something he brought up…

Gnarly shred girl Desiree Melancon and her close friend Brynn Hayes are currently working on a new brand. As you might guess by the title of this post, it is called “Willow”. They’re just making hoodies right now, but the buzz is enormous, and they plan on getting into the underwear/socks game… cuz who doesn’t need that stuff!

Read a neat little article about Willow on YoBeat

Was COMUNE Stolen Overnight?

22 06 2011

Here are two articles that will help you decide…

June 17, 2011 – From Transworld Business

According to former Comune VP of Marketing Julie Shumaker, the three-year old brand was the subject of a hostile takeover this week, which led to the resignation and firing of ten key staff members.

The team intends to transition to a new endeavor as a group.

Below is a list of 10 employees no longer with the Company.
Frank Delgadillo (Founder and President)
Mike Quinones (Creative Director)
Mark Logan (Brand Manager)
Julie Shumaker (VP of Marketing)
Matt Davis (VP of Sales)
Clifford Lidell (Graphic Designer)
Kerri Banach (Designer)
Billy Garner (Marketing Coordinator)
Sean Ciminesi (West Coast sales)
Cory Heenan (East Coast sales)

According to the Shumaker:

COMUNE was launched three years ago with one idea in mind, to create a brand that reflected our image and lifestyle. We felt that there was a void for this in the marketplace and we wanted to be the ones to spearhead this style and aesthetic.  We have always told the story of carving a niche out in the marketplace and building a strong, smart and honest brand that would be able to sustain anything and offer superior product for many years to come.

Unfortunately, the vision and story we have been telling for the last three years was litterly taken from us overnight when an investor came in and did a hostel takeover of our brand in which contributors were asked to be fired, employees were fired and the distribution model was going to change.

COMUNE was NEVER designed to be a mass market brand nor did we want to make a quick buck. Our vision was long term sustainable growth and this was ripped away from us. With all of these elements involved we could not longer support the direction COMUNE was going or keep our names attached to it in anyway.

Looking ahead into the next chapter, we will transition as a cohesive team.

Thank you so much for all your support and help in building COMUNE with us. Without the support from EVERYONE we would not have been able to build the brand as we did.

June 21, 2011 – COMUNE Official Statement

A Few Production Companies To Be Hyped On

10 06 2011

LSL Productions is out of Sun Peaks… enough said. LSL Productions on Facebook

Only met these guys a few months ago, but we’re super stoked on them! Shoulda’ Danished on Facebook

Mobbing hit runs with your friends, and Craig McMorris charging backcountry kickers… what more could you ask for? NuuLife Cinema on Facebook

Providing us with some sick shots of the SJ Ski Team recently, Revelstoke’s Inflik Media. Inflik Media on Facebook

Lookout for Snap Crackle Pop, coming soon from The Business Ltd. The Business Ltd. on Facebook

And of course, a man that is so gnarly he is on our team, Adam Burwell of Burwell Productions. Burwell Productions on Vimeo


Team Profile: Adam Burwell / Burwell Productions

8 06 2011

Name: Adam Burwell
Hometown: Regina, SK
Currently Resides: Vancouver, BC
Years Shredding: 10 years
Fav Athletes: Koston, The McMo Bros, The Deromes
Fav Tricks: Backside Rodeo – not a tantrum to blind, Front blunt 270 out
Jams: “How I got over” – The Roots
Sponsors: O’Neill, Liquid Force Wakeboards and Grassroots Wakeboard School
Shoutouts: Max & Pascal at O’Neill Canada, Jeff & Kristy at Nautic,
Sheri at WSWS, The Sask Crew, my parents, my girl and of course Tyler and the SJ family.

See all content about Adam Burwell

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