Winter Of Wells Premiere : This Is A Must Watch

25 10 2011

Jossi Wells is really awesome, and according to the recent footage captured of his whole family so are his brothers.  Skiing is like any other sport, it is hard and requires a lifetime of dedication, hard work and even a little luck to be good at let alone professional.

Having an sibling do well in the sport never hurt anyone when it comes to getting noticed;  just ask McCraig.  But the first thing you will notice when you see Craig, Beau, Byron or Jackson do there thing the first observation you will make is that NONE of them are lacking in the talent department.

So a professional level of riding is obviously included throughout this video, but beyond that is a documentary of total award-worthiness.  The cinematography, production and editing is truly great and tells the story of the Wells family so well that I’m positive even non-skiiers will find captivating and enjoyable.

The world premiere just happened, but do what you have to do to get your hands on this film.  It’s going to be BIG…You heard it here first!





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