So, Why Is BMX Dirt Not In The X Games?

19 10 2011

Last weekend the Dew Tour Championships were held in Las Vegas.  Events were held, Dew Cups were won, and 50 Cent played a show.  As usual the year-end tour stop went off with little more than a bump in the road.  There was a decent amount of prime time, and replay coverage this time around that made it easy to see everything that happened over the course of the 4-day event.  Thanks to a decent TV deal with NBC Alli Sports was actually able to get their event seen in this country, unlike when TSN opts to show billiards instead of the X Games, even though Canada sends a host of athletes.

Anyway, in the words of my boss, I digress.  The real issue here is not with how the event was run, or how much of of it was seen on TV, because we all know even if the event was awful I would still be hyped and even if it wasn’t on TV, I would have found a way to watch most of it.

My problem is that yet again a big issue was brought to people’s attention and it’s an unbelievably huge miss in my eyes.

Why BMX Dirt is not in the X Games, while events like Enduro X and Women’s Enduro X continue to be absolutely blows my mind.  I have spoken before about how wack looking fringe sports tarnish what the legitimate side of the action sports world is trying to accomplish and this is a shining example.  I mean it’s simple, would you rather see a teenager named Brett Banasiewicz do a cash roll, or some chick who can’t handle her KTM ride across some logs?

I don’t need to write anymore…


…But I feel like venting so I’m going to.  If we want to continue to help these sports grow, then how come we keep doing the dumbest things in hopes that they will catch on?  Seriously.  In order to stage an Enduro X event in LA at the X Games, it HAS to happen last.  The manpower and hours it takes to build the course are intense, as well, you have to flood the moto X courses and cover them in trees and rocks, so you need to wait until they are all finished.  This arguably puts the most exciting, and fan friendly events before the most confusing and WTF of all the events.

If you want to grow moto, keep doing things like Speed & Style because that combines the two aspects of motocross that people actually care about.  Speed and Style, as well as motocross and freestyle moto X push the limits of what is possible on a dirt bike and put it in a package that is highly marketable, incredibly fun to watch and in the true spirit of the games, extreme.

Enduro X pushes the limits of what is possible on your grandparents ranch, has almost NO market value (seriously, who watched those events) and on the women’s side forces girls who should be flying around a track and whipping through rhythm sections to try and man-handle a bike twice their size.

I don’t really think there is a sane argument to keep that event in X, and if there is then I want street luge back in.  Here is the really kick in the teeth though, where is BMX Dirt?  If we are talking about growing action sports and being able to cater events to fit in the X Games package, BMX Dirt is almost perfect.  It is at the very core of the sport, and the best riders in the world still look to jumps and trails to progress what is possible on a ride.  And if we want to talk about market value and growing an audience…BMX is in THE OLYMPICS!!!  The audience doesn’t get much bigger than that!  And although it is the racing side that is in the games, at least people know what it is and the only work left to do is show off the different facets of the sport.

Whatever.  Thanks for letting me rant.  You want proof that BMX Dirt should be in the X Games?  Here.







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