Mike Mo Goes : Off Lakai

17 10 2011

In news that was made official over the weekend, Mike Mo Capaldi is has parted ways with long time sponsor Lakai Limited Footwear.  New shoe deals haven’t exactly been rare recently, as Chris Cole, Mikey Taylor both hooked up with DC and Chaz Ortiz is still walking around in different shoes every day.

With the new money that is being pushed into the sport, no one can blame skaters for looking for greener pastures elsewhere, and the one real question is where is he going to end up when the dust settles.

Given the new direction of a few brands in skate, namely Adidas, Nike and DC my money is on one of the three, probably DC being as they have been pulling out all the stops to bolster their team.  Rumor has it they even offered him a million bucks in a deal similar to Cole’s

I won’t speculate any further because everyone hates that.  But I will do this; check out the poll below and tell us where YOU think he will sign.  Feel free to comment on why you are making your pick.  Or tell us on FACEBOOK, that’s even cooler!




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2 01 2012
New Additions To DC Pro Team « streetjesus

[…] Kidding there is bigger news than that, and you guys called it!  With nearly 45% of the popular vote it seems as though you all knew that Mike Mo Capaldi was going to end up rolling around with DC’s on his feet. […]

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