Andy Wright : The History Of Snowboarding In Pictures

12 10 2011

Snowboarding came from humble beginnings to become the powerhouse Olympic sport that it is today.  One man has pretty much been there to see this raise from its ground level, his name is Andy Wright.  The dude has shot more influential snowboard photos than almost everyone else combined.  Few other people in the industry have been around as many game changing events as he has, and even few have the eye and the talent to capture these moments.  A little while back Videograss told Andy’s story with a pair of segments chronicling Wright’s life and listen to him tell of some of the most memorable moments in snowboard history in his own words.

Andy Wright is clearly a humble dude who changed the face, and the future of the sport we love.  These videos aren’t new, but when it comes to sharing the stoke and getting people ready for winter they definitely do the job.  Check out what he as to say, it’s one hell of a story!




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