Shaun White Is Officially A Company

9 10 2011

Over the weekend it was announced that Shaun White has a new business venture.  It’s called Shaun White Supply Company and the aim is to bring you the best skateboards, bikes, stunt scooter, helmets, ramps and handrails at a price point the even the average weekend sender can afford.  According to a company called D6 Sports, who will be working alongside SWSC the products are put through their paces by not only Shaun, but a team of athletes and testers who ensure that the products can perform at a professional level as well as hit retail with a decent price tag.

Now I know what you are all probably thinking (or at least the majority), this is another lame project by Shaun White, the king of commercial action sports to boost sales at Target and put his name on as much merch as Gene Simmons.  I was one of the I’m assuming many people who thought this, then I thought about it, and then thought about it some more.  Then I realized, this is something action sports NEEDS.  Look at what Wayne Gretzky did for the popularity of hockey in out of market areas, or what Ichiro did to bridge the gap for Japanese baseball players in America.

Someone needs to be that trail-blazer who is willing to be a little too mainstream for the hardcore, in order to help our industry grow.  I think Shawn is the perfect man for the job as well.  He clearly loves the spotlight, he can sell better then most real estate agents and he has a face that is identifiable in every home in the world, which few others can say.  Look at another great example of this; Tony Hawk.

I’m sure you have gone over to a buddy’s house and played one of Hawk’s games on their console, even though they may not have owned a skateboard.  If you disagree, then here is a stat to back it up:  The Tony Hawk video game franchise has grossed over a billion dollars in worldwide sales.  I think just a few people outside of skate may have bought the game.

And yes, getting back to the original point to SW based products, I did say “stunt-scooters”, but I know there are a ton of parents out there who are more than happy to let their child get the hang of skateboard, by using one that has a handle on it.  So this idea is not all that bad, in fact, I believe that the Shaun White Supply Co. is going to do the culture of action sports a world of good.

And I guess we will find out, as the picture above states, we will be able to check out the product launch at this weekends Dew Tour Championships in Vegas.






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