Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitational : Presented By Vans

5 10 2011

A few weeks back an event took place that doesn’t get NEARLY enough love, and it’s put on by one of the coolest dudes in the entire world.  Joel Tudor is an old school surfer at heart, and unlike a lot of guys who make this claim, Tudor straight lives it.  A competitive longboarder and professional laid-back surfer dude, Joel Tudor rides for Vans, and Sector 9 making him very legit in the field of surfer bro guys.

He rides massive boards with very few fins, and from the looks of things it’s purely for fun, which at the end of the day is really what surfing is all about.  The Duct Tape Invitation is Joel’s event and takes surfing back to its roots.  Boards used in the event must be 12 lbs. and employee a single fin design.  The main goal is having fun, and it appears they have an awful lot of that!  Enjoy the video, but more importantly think about these dudes the next time you are out shredding.

Maybe it will make you relax and little, and just have good ride.






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