Forum Exodus : Is Pat Moore Next?

3 10 2011

From what I know, and what I have read courtesy of Pete Andersen the lifecycle of a pro snowboarder is pretty simple and usually goes something like: Flow, Pro, Dough; followed by capitalizing on the dough, then getting old and hurt and actually having to work for your paycheck.

From what I can tell so far in the career of Pat Moore he is teetering on the edge of the dough part.  Having compiled numerous accolades as an Am and recently as a Pro with the Forum team Pat is now in the eye and loving hearts of the snowboard community and is surely on the walls of a few shops and basements.

That being said, Pat Moore is still a backcountry ripper who for some reason is on a Forum snowboard.  Hold on a second before you assume what the rest of this post looks like.  It is NOT going to be a hate-fest directed at Forum or their products, or the people who ride them.  It is simple going to be a (slightly) educated guess that when it comes to Moore, The Program is no longer the right fit “Forum”.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why this may be true.  Exhibit A:  Jake Blauvelt.  Jake was enjoying a successful career as a pro shred hitting jumps and jibs and traveling the world on the funnest (I know, not a word) snowboard team in the game.

However, not long after he got a taste of fresh pow in his face, and sled exhaust in his lungs, Jake bolted for that area above the alpine with the likes of TRice, Muller and DCP.  After doing this for a season or so under The Program umbrella Blauvelt realized that the steezed out jib styling of Forum, Four Square and Special Blend were not what he needed to properly slay untouched pillow lines.

Exhibit B…Any guesses…raise your hands…that’s right John Jackson.  In a move that was announced just this past weekend, Jackson parted ways with his long time helpers out and now belongs to the Burton family, who have a much more established big mountain game, and will undoubtedly see him getting really sendy the next time Brain Farm makes a movie.

What I am saying with all of this, is not to take anything away from Forum, 4Sq, or Blend, but is once again to simply guess that the separation of segments within the snow industry is continuing to grow.  Did anyone see Familia 2?  Ok, and how wack did it look to see someone dropping massive ledges in Tech Nine outerwear.  Cool, I proved my point.  Again, not that their stuff isn’t great it’s just the same reason why companies make boards in the 150s up to the high 160s for the same guy (or girl).  Forum continues to push out some of the best street and park riders in the game (see Nic Sauve) that is what they have done since their inception, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

All I want is to be able to smile and nod when in a season or 2 a move is announced and I can quote the date of this article.  Alright now everybody group hug before I go watch “Vacation”.





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