Duzi Strikes Again!

12 09 2011

If you have been following this blog, including Jeff or myself for any amount of time, you are well aware that we thoroughly enjoy rocking out.  A few people have taken notice of this and offered to help us stay hyped over the months we have been at this thing.

Last year we released our first mixtape so that not only ourselves, but everyone in Jesusland could enjoy some hot jams during the warm months.  These jams came courtesy of a close friend of ours,”Duzi”.

Then, in a long overdue return to the music scene SJ came back again and hit harder than ever with the release of the Multi-Vitamin Mix for Vitamin Water Canada coming from two more good homies, DJ’s Drewski and Ageless aka. Post Secondary Fresh.

Well now, with the summer drawing to a close, and another winter shred-fest on the way it is time once again to get some fresh tracks ringing in your ears.  Stepping outside his wheelhouse in terms of track selection on this playlist, the mixtape we have on offer truly is a Streetjesus exclusive and won’t be found anywhere else.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu I am proud to once again present: DJ DUZI




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