Movie Review: The Art of Flight

10 09 2011

The Art of Flight is an epic, balls to the wall documentary about a group of snowboarders trying to push their sport as far as it will go.

The movie chronologically follows Travis Rice and his crew around the world as they search for new places to ride a snowboard, and attempt to capture the most ground breaking freestyle snowboarding footage ever seen.

The Art of Flight is by no means a traditional snowboard movie. It does not cram hundreds of tricks into small amounts of time, and it features no urban or rail riding. Instead, the movie is the most honest and most insightful look into professional snowboarding that has ever been released.

Although the snowboarding shots are quite evenly spaced out through the one hour and twenty minute-long feature, when it is time to ride, Travis and friends certainly deliver… just like they did in director Curt Morgan’s last film “That’s It That’s All”. There is no question that Art of Flight brings you some of the most epic snowboarding shots of all time

If you are like me, you will walk away from this movie inspired by the great snowboarding and cinematography, but equally inspired by this crew’s dedication to their craft and the message they are conveying…

Just watch it.

The Art of Flight is now available for HD download on iTunes for 9.99$

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One response

23 09 2011

best snowboarding movie i have seen. 10 for 10…..your gonna love it

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