Plan B’s Big Bang?

5 07 2011

I actually have a lot to say today, but we’ll get to that in a second…

Let’s start by kicking back and enjoying the skateboarding of Torey Pudwill (click below to redirect to the video on

Did you see it? DID YOU SEE IT? Yea… T Puds did a Feeble Grind – 360 Flip Out on a handrail and a bunch of other craziness. But there was something in this video that was more shocking to me than anything Torey did (because Torey is always bangin).

There is something at the end of this video. The very end. It’s something that has been years in the making. It’s something that has lingered for so long that ME AND TY WERE TALKING ABOUT IT WHEN WE FIRST MET (wow). It was subtle, but a date has been announced for Know Future. I’ve enhanced the following image so the world can see that it actually exists…

Know Future is the third rumoured title for a skateboard movie that does not exist, courtesy of Plan B. The video was rumoured to be called Superfuture in 08, Unquestionable in 09, and now Know Future in 2011. The hype began in 2008 when Plan B released a 20 minute (yes, 20 minute) promo DVD called Superfuture, which claimed “Video Coming 2010” at the end. Me and Ty used to hand these out for free to our awesome shop kids (many of who now skate on our team… yee!). No video came.

The promo DVD ended with a 3-minute Ryan Sheckler part that at the time was so good, it was hard to believe they had actually saved any footage for the video itself… if there even was a video.


I know… and I’m sorry, but it’s confusing subject matter. Ryan’s promo part came out so long ago that I couldn’t even find a high quality version of it to share with you, and I lost the DVD so I can’t even rip you one…

Years later, we were treated to this…

Here’s the thing about this newer teaser… most of the clips in it have now been released. P Rod released his life changing iTunes part in February (if you haven’t seen it, you should probably make that happen), TPuds realeased his full part yesterday, and other Plan B guys have released banger footy online as well! I’m so confused.

Either Plan B is blowing it, or they have some REALLY gnarly stuff in the archives. But did Sheckler really do more than Kickflip that monster drop? And does Torey have a more tech trick on film than a Back Tail – Backside 360 Big Flip Out? I guess we’ll find out in November.

On top of all of this stuff that makes no sense, former Plan B pro Brian Wenning has been quoted on some skateboarding sites saying things like “The Plan B video will never come out”, and until yesterday I believed him 100%, and I still might. Brian left the team because the company that distributes Plan B couldn’t pay him, and gave him the run-around for 4 months straight.

Let’s face it… it’s pretty hard for skateboard deck manufacturers to make money. This is because all the stand up individuals who buy DC Court Graffik shoes and Hurley hats don’t buy skateboards. Footwear and clothing companies usually have a bit more money kicking around for things like epic full length skate videos.

No matter what happens, I am not, nor will I ever be a Plan B hater. Their team gives the mid-80s Edmonton Oilers a run for their money, and Danny Way and Colin McKay are obviously two of the coolest people of all time. I just really want to see this video.




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