Heath Kirchart Stay Gold : B Side

28 06 2011

This video is a little old, but the more I watch it the more I realize one simple thing. Skateboarding, and action sports athletes in general DO NOT get enough love. Love for what they accomplish in their chosen field, love for the time they put in perfecting their craft and love for the dedication and self-sacrifice required to get to the level they are at.

I myself am guilty of it at times thanks in part to countless heroic acts at the X Games, or the stomp-fest that is known as Street League. In any case it is a total travesty that these ATHLETES are looked at by most people as punks with nothing better to do than stick it to the mainstream and venture off the beaten track down a path of alternative enlightenment.

I feel in fact like the opposite is true, action sports participants on any level have to work much harder to get things done than most mainstream athletes, due to the plain and simple fact that they are not mainstream. The facilities, training and backing just do not exist for these participants like they do in other realms.

Take a look at the majority of Olympic sports; they come and go every 4 years with a fleeting moment where these athletes are in the spotlight, then for the remaining 1459 days they are forced into obscurity and faced with the daunting task of being their own support system in order to stay competing at high level.

The same thing goes for professional action sports athletes. They are looked at occasionally when ESPN decides to be a little “radder” for a few days, but other than that they are forced to grind out a living praying for a good shot to keep food on the table.

Meanwhile people all over the globe walk around in DC t-shirts completely oblivious to the fact that the “jersey” they are wearing is the same one dawned by Danny Way while he broke countless bones, and suffered innumerable blows to the head trying to push his sport.

All I’m asking is to watch this and appreciate it, for what it is. A testament to action sports athletes around the world sacrificing their minds, time, bodies and bank accounts so that we can all feel a little bit cooler.

Thanks Heath




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