Team Profile: Mitch Serbu

27 05 2011

Name: Mitch Serbu
DOB: September 8, 1992
Hometown: Regina, SK
Currently Resides: Regina, SK
Years Riding: Skating-9, Snowskating-5
Fav Athletes: Josh Kalis, Cory Kennedy, Kenny Hoyle
Fav Tricks: nollie heelflips, hardflips, Tre flips
Jams: Spoon, Gang Starr, Biggie Smalls, Pinback, Modest Mouse
Sponsors: Offaxis Boardshop, Ambition Snowskates, Streetjesus
Shoutouts: Streetjesus, Offaxis, Ambition Snowskates, the SQUAD
Hobbies: Polar bear wrestling, Long romantic evening walks on the beach

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4 responses

15 06 2011
Micky Papa’s RDS Part « streetjesus

[…] Team contribution by Mitch Serbu […]

16 06 2011
Anthony Hollick & Adam Burwell for « streetjesus

[…] us throw down some meaty content. We all saw Micky Papa’s mind-blowing RDS part courtesy of Mitch Serbu, and now we get a treat of an edit by the SJ team for the SJ team. Adam Burwell, who kills it […]

1 07 2011
Leo Romero’s Stay Gold B-side « streetjesus

[…] Team contribution by Mitch Serbu […]

5 07 2011
Streetjesus Skate: New Footy « streetjesus

[…] new footy features SJ skaters Deagan Smith, Dinosaur, Cody Vollman, Mitch Serbu, and Austin Welter. Big shoutouts to Ryan Serbu for producing, Off Axis for sponsing, and EA Sports […]

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