Team Profile: Josh Worsfold

25 05 2011

Name: Josh Worsfold
DOB: Nov 21, 1990
Hometown: Kelowna, BC 
Currently Resides: Born and raised!
Years Shredding: 13
Fav Athletes: Anyone who makes the hard things look easy
Fav Tricks: 5-0 back 180
Jams: Biggie, Blackstar (Mos Def and Talib)
Sponsors: Deviate Boardshop, Circa shop flow (Shoutout to Amos and Garett)
Shoutouts: Thanks to all the Hometown Heroes for keeping skating hyped through the years. Shout out to the fam, the lovely lady Amy, the Deviate team. Fonz and Nic for making skating look so good. Jaron, Kayle, Ben, Matt G and Mike for keeping Wednesdays hype. And everyone that is stoked on skating!

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