Team Profile: Josh Donison

16 05 2011

Name: Joshua Dinosaur
DOB: 640 million years ago
Hometown: Regina, SK
Currently Resides: Regina, SK
Years Skating: Since the last ice age
Fav Skateboarders: Nate Broussard, Taylor Bingaman, Gino Ianucci, Brian Wenning, Anthony Pappalardo, Tim O’Connor, PJ Ladd
Fav Tricks: Nollie flip, switch flip, fakie flip, nollie inward heel, pop shove, nollie backside 180
Jams: Biggie, Pac, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Wu-Tang
Sponsors: Offaxis Boardshop
Shoutouts: Thanks to Danny and Doug Elder at Offaxis, and everyone else at OA


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One response

5 07 2011
Streetjesus Skate: New Footy « streetjesus

[…] new footy features SJ skaters Deagan Smith, Dinosaur, Cody Vollman, Mitch Serbu, and Austin Welter. Big shoutouts to Ryan Serbu for producing, Off Axis […]

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