TTR This Week: Just In Case You Want More Awesome

31 01 2011


If you are a human being, the kind with a beating heart, and working eyes and ears than what happened this weekend at X Games impacted you in some way.

If you are the type of functioning human who lives and breathes action sports like we do, the end of X Games just left a void in your life and the need for another fix of awesome.

Don’t worry friends, in less then one week from now the boys will be back at it in a big way. The Billabong Air & Style is back at home in Innsbruck, Austria. Coming fresh off the heels of the most progressive weeks of riding we have ever seen, there is no doubt that Air & Style will blow minds this time around!

There is no question that the triple cork has changed the face of Big Air and Slopestyle contests from here on out, the real question is how quickly will the rest of the field catch back up to Torstein? Marko Grilc, Sage Kotsenburg, and Markus Malin have all shown recently that they have the weapons to win a contest at this level. Not to mention the absolute mind-blowing level guys like Eric Willett, and Mark McMorris are riding at. Last, but thanks to the X Games, Air & Style Beijing, and O’Neill Evolution, certainly not least, Seb Toutant who will be looking to avenge an injury suffered at last years event.


Moral of the story? Air & Style Innsbruck is going to fucking rock, and I can’t wait to get my fix.


Air & Style isn’t the only event going down that we have our eyes on. There is a little something going on down the road in Calgary tomorrow through Thursday. The 5-Star Burton Canadian Open, a pipe and slope event that is chalk full of valuable points, tons of cash and more importantly a gnar week of par-tays!


photo: Andrew Strain Photography

Our man on the streets, Craig McMorris will be there all week, compiling videos, babes, and contest wins which we will pass along to you as soon as we can!





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