Brain Farm Cinema: Now Boarding For “Flight”

31 01 2011

“Snowboarding changed, for real”

It was veteran snowboard photographer Scott Serfas who said it, and he’s talking about his recent trip to Alaska with Travis Rice, John Jackson, Curt Morgan, and crew. Scott has been following the Brain Farm team around the world as they film for their next blockbuster snowboard film, Flight. The seasoned photographer, who has seen basically everything, has been saying that the sessions that happened are the best he has ever seen, and that freestyle snowboarding has been changed forever.

I am obviously equally moked for this film… Why? Because That’s It That’s All is the closest thing I have to a bible, and because I don’t give a shit about no tight pants and narrow stances and pretzels and all that crap. All I care about is guys charging huge jumps in the backcountry, going like 130 feet, and looking steezy as fuck… AND THEN DOING IT SWITCH. Even Travis Rice himself has been beaming about a particular moment of gnarlyness that happened in AK…


Give me a fucking break. Here’s Scott Serfas to bring it home:




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