Lobster Snowboards: For The Haters

29 01 2011


The other day Eiki and Halldor Helgason officially launched “Lobster Snowboards”. I am stoked on this because I love when people whose lives are based in the industry decide to make more money doing what they love. I am also stoked on this because it will give the “core” (hater) kids something new to lean on when they are trying to be more legit than everyone else.

The new boards by the Helgason bros. are made using “TBT”, sound familiar? It’s all good though, this is far from the first time this has happened. I have heard the same thing hundreds of times, “I hate Burton, they are too corporate. I will only ride Forum” or “I hate corporate snowboaring, I am all about Ride”

I am pulling for Eiki and Halldor, and will probably rip one of their boards at some point. But really, I can not wait to hear the rumblings from the “cool kids” when they start slinging more corporate hate around.




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