This Is J.O.B.

30 12 2010


So it’s been a few days since the last time we posted, but it has been a busy holiday for SJ so far this year. As usual Jeff is doing his thing in the mountains and trying to make sure snowboarding is never the same after he is done with it.

As far as things go for me, I had the pleasure of watching a movie the other day. This movie was one I have been waiting on for quite some time now.  Red Bull released Who Is J.O.B. a little while ago and I got it as a “stoking stuffer” the other day!

It was a little after 1:00am when I threw the disc in and by 3:30 I could hardly bring myself to go to sleep, even though Boxing Day was a few hours away. It was set up in a way I had never seen before and I won’t be able to look at a documentary/action sports video the same again.

Put together by some visionary minds, including Dayten Likness a Canadian psyco. The documentation of arguably the most controversial surfer since Matt Achbold or David Egars is edgy, raw and charged from start to finish. It takes you through Jaime O’s life from growing up an outsider on the North Shore, to becoming one of the most recognized barrel riding rockstars of all time.

J.O.B. Is a deaf, retarded, haole, dick. But like any renegade who is out to change the game he doesn’t give a fuck what you think. That’s what makes him who he is, you can’t go out at a place like Pipe and do what he does if you are worried about what the industry, society or the rest of the surf world thinks about you.


Jaime was diagnosed with a condition in his ear as a child that forced him out of the water. Good thing his dad was a crazy Aussie bastard who would have no part of it. He just did what any normal, loving parent would do, duct taped a hockey helmet to his kid’s melon and sent him out into the waves.

Obstacle overcome. Oh, also I forgot to mention that Jaime’s mom left a few years before that and it fucked him up bad. Anyways, on to the next.

Jaime was retarded. Well at least according to his teachers who put him in a remedial class due to the fact that he couldn’t keep up. So now we have a retarded white kid on the North Shore who can’t hear and has no mom. Good thing Jaime is also retarded in the water. No one gives a shit what is wrong with you when you charge like he does.


Jaime Messing With Red Bull Comrade Julian Wilson

After watching this movie you will have a different perspective on things, much like I do. Jaime has overcome things most people could not even wrap their head around, and in the process has become one of the best athletes the sport of surfing has ever seen.

Taking place in some gnarly locales like Hawaii, Indo, Tahiti and Japan this film will take you on a straight up journey following Jaime for the last 3 years non-stop. The highs and lows, close-out tubes and broken legs, elementary school fights and jet ski rides straight threw the line-up.

So go grab an ice-cold caffeine heavy beverage and hold on to your couch. Who is J.O.B.? will blow your fucking mind.

Don’t let the date at the end fool you. We waited a lot longer than fall ’09 for this “Freak show”




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