The Top Ten Reasons Why Tyler Daku Is The Franchise

2 11 2010

The recent sudden passing of Andy Irons, and a summer in Kelowna watching good friends deal with the passing of an amazing person not much unlike ourselves, has left me wanting to give props where props is due before it’s too late… you never know what life has in store for us.

So here is an homage to my ultimate bro homie of all time, Tyler Daku. Every time I talk to Tyler on the phone this is what I’m thinking… this time I wrote it down:

The Top Ten Reasons Why Tyler Daku Is The Franchise

1. Tyler Daku gave me my first job in a boardshop: Before he even knew me! The best two years of my life followed shortly after.

2. Tyler Daku is the best friend I have ever had: I’ve had lots of great friends, but no one even comes close to the pure bro-down fest that happens every time me and Ty sit down on a patio with some CL Smooths.

3. Tyler Daku wakes up at 4:30 am to watch surfing: In fact, Tyler was the one who taught me that it’s ok to love ALL action sports, even the ones you don’t participate in regularly. While most people are going into Below The Belt and buying boardshorts that they think “look cool”, Tyler will tell you every fabric in that short, which surfers currently endorse it, a story about the last time he got shit hammered with the regional rep for that brand, and which better colors that short is available in.

4. Tyler Daku doesn’t care what you think: So shut up.

5. Tyler Daku is an industry kid: He knows everyone working in the industry in Western Canada, and is never afraid to make a phone call… and he inspired me to do the same.

6. Tyler Daku gets no love: He really doesn’t. Tyler should probably be the Vice-President of Quiksilver, but instead has trouble getting props from his employers at times. Oh well, he’ll get there.

7. Tyler Daku gets college football drunk at all action sports events and industry parties: If you haven’t seen it, you couldn’t possibly understand what you are missing.

8. Tyler Daku has only one food group: Caffeine.

9. Tyler Daku does not stop hustling: Ever. It is very rare to see Tyler sit in one place for longer than five minutes, without getting up and doing something awesome.

10. Tyler Daku does not take life for granted: This is the most important one. Tyler almost didn’t make it when he was coming into this world, but thank god he did… because I would probably work at Walmart and hate my fucking life without him.




One response

3 11 2010
dnm snowboarding

number 7 might be the best thing ever.. so true..
mad props to jeff as always not only for the article and to ty for making those words true

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