Tyler Tuesdays: Vol. 4 – Thank You Surfers

5 10 2010


Sorry for the late post kids. There is good reason for this though. I was just surfing, well kind of.

Let me explain, Me and Matt (My buddy/Roommate/Fellow Action Sports Enthusiast) went for a longboard ride, spurt of the moment just for kicks cause thats how we roll. On the way to our destination I could only think of one thing to say repeatedly, “Surf it like a wave Bruh!” I got my inspiration for this banger of a line from “Lords of Dogtown” and my mind started to race.

Chew on this one for a second, what would our culture be like without surfers and the way they live their lives? They are influential in almost every aspect of our daily being. From the types of music we listen to, the clothes we wear and even the way talk to each other. Seriously, chew hard. You’ll feel me.


You Know You Own A Hurley Shirt!

Just in case you don’t catch my drift immediately, or even if you do and just want to hear my thoughts check this out. Today someone in Regina drove to work, while listening to Jack Johnson, in a Quiksilver t-shirt. Thing about that is, Regina is thousands of miles from anything that would suggest those things be relevant. The culture of surf is very unique in the aspect that people from all walks of life and every part of the World find it interesting enough to imitate it.

People everywhere use the phrase “Bro” when addressing each other and I can promise you this isn’t a term originating in the Mid-West United States. The leisure lifestyle that every surfer lives every day of their lives is something to be sought after, and this is the best reason I can think of that kids in every land-locked region dress and act like they wake up to waves crashing outside their window.


Taj Burrow Wears Billabong... And So Do You!

This isn’t something that we all need to be apologetic for, but it is something that we need to be thankful for. So this post boils down to a simple high five and a mahalo to wave riders everywhere for being the way they are and staying true to who they are so that the rest of us can try and be like them to make things seem better where we are.




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