Tyler Tuesdays: Volume 2 – TEN TITLES TO IMMORTALITY

21 09 2010


So we decided last week to start rocking “Tyler Tuesdays” as a new feature on the site where I can come and tell you all about the things that make me smile really hard.

I can tell you one thing, on 18, September 2010 I was smiling very hard as I watched one of my heroes walk through one of the most stacked fields of the year at Lower Trestles and win the Hurley Pro ASP WCT event. With the win the “Dream Tour” has a new leader, the 38 year old, 43-time event winner, 9 times World Champion Kelly Slater.


I’ve been doing everything I can to keep track of Kelly since 2004 when I was shown the ASP World tour by the wonder of the Internet. At this point in time Kelly had already been crowned king of the World 6 times. No small feat already. So the events that have transpired since then are nothing short of mind-fucking incredible.

By the middle of the 2005 season Kelly found himself in the middle of one of the most heated battles in tour history. Neck and neck with his nemesis Andy Irons (the two have since become homeboys) Kelly had to pull out some incredible last second wins and some unmatched heat scores to win World title number 7. With a literal last second wave at J-Bay in South Africa, and a 20-point heat score (perfect) in the same season Kelly seemed destine to win. This hard work, perseverance and never say never attitude is what keeps my eye on Kelly at all times


Now that I was fully aware of the way the tour operated I was glued to my seat, my computer and SURFER MAGAZINE making sure that I knew where he stood on tour, the entire 2006 season. I didn’t really need to though, as Kelly took 2 wins early in the season and didn’t look back.

Needless to say by the time the 2008 season rolled around I was fully wrapped up in Kelly Fever, and the kid from Cocoa Beach did not disappoint. Kelly went on an absolute romp with another 2 massive wins to kick the season off he managed to stack 4 more victories on his resume and stroll to another easy world title win. His 9th.


Keep in mind; this isn’t a professional surfer running around kicking little groms asses on the NSSA. This is one professional surfer, so far about the pinnacle of his sport it makes me a little nauseous to think about.

Put it in terms of other modern sports and the teams or individuals who dominate them. Michael Jordan was a 10-time scoring leader, but only won 6 titles. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana have 4 Superbowl rings each. Roger Federer, and Tiger Woods both destroyed their competition for a few years but have since started to slip and neither one has been winning as a professional for 20 years. Kelly won his first pro event in 1990 at…Lower Trestles.

At the time this will hit the web, Kelly will be the points leader on tour with just under 5000 points more than closest competitor Jordy Smith. What is more impressive about this is the list of surfers currently in the mix. 3 past World title winner and 6 surfers with event wins are still in the mix for this year’s crown.


Needless to say if Kelly can win number 10 this year it will go down in the history books, not just in the minds of surfers World wide, but in professional competition of all kinds.


Here is a little moving picture taste of SJ favourite Kelly Slater!




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