Inbox: with Stephanie Just

29 08 2010


Name and nickname(s): stephanie yvette just, or stefy, just, justice…and in highschool it was chickenslut…ha, but most people just call me stef just!
Date of Birth: october 29 1985
whistler, BC
OGIO, Westbeach, Kombi, Herd, Spy, and Mayday!

streetjesus: So Stef, thanks for taking some time to kick it with the jesus crew! What are you up to these days? Tell us about a typical summer day in the life of Stef Just…

Stef Just: I’ve been spending my summers in Bariloche, Argentina for the past three years…and right now it just dumped about 2 meters of snow in not even 48 hours! you’d think I’d miss the Whistler summers…riding my little bmx around with my dog Malibu, and building fires by the skatepark to roast weenies…but right now, with all the snow…I don’t miss it too much. I do miss my dog though…but there’s lots of strays for me to hang with down here! right now i have a dog named Negrita that sleeps inside our casa at night…and roops around all day while I’m shredding! so i guess you could say that my typical summer day…is spent shredding, hanging with my dogs, and learning how to speak spanish!

That’s legit. Given that it’s pretty far from home, and I’m sure it’s not the easiest thing to do logistically, what keeps you coming back to Argentina every year?

i love the lifestyle in Argentina! the people are so nice and laid back…the shredding is good, the food is good, and the wine is amazing! Bariloche is such a beautiful place…i wake up every morning to see the sunrise over the mountains and the lake! the sunsets are just as beautiful! and for some reason, when i’m here…i don’t have asthma. for me it’s a paradise! i’m learning how to speak a new language…and breaking out of my comfort zone for a change. it gives me a reason to work my butt off, just so i can come here every year!

Argentina shred day or Whistler shred day?

hmmm…i’m going to have to say Whistler shred day! Whistler has everything…good snow, steeps, pillows, drops and the longest tree runs imaginable. it’s incredible! and even though i grew up in Whistler, i definitely don’t take it for granted…i appreciate Whistler for everything is has to offer…it’s such a beautiful place, and in my opinion, has the best terrain in the world! even though i love being in Argentina, being here has made me appreciate Whistler even more! Whistler for life!


Let’s jump into some Peak Season questions. First of all, will there be more Peak Season, or is it done for?

i honestly have no idea whether or not we’re doing another Peak Season…MTV does a really good job at keeping it on the down low. the first year, after we did auditions, we didn’t here from MTV for over 9 months…but they warned us that it would be like that. i also think that they have to wait for the statistics…this summer it was playing in 148 countries around the world…if it did well in most of those countries, then we’ll probably do a second season…if not…it might be over…who knows? i’m curious to find out myself!

On Peak Season you were basically portrayed as the legit one, who didn’t give a shit about anything except shredding. On a scale from 1 to 10, how accurately do you think you were portrayed on the show? (1 = “I am nothing like I was on that show”, 10 = “I am exactly like I was on that show. Hippie shredder for life brah!”)

haha…i say 10! they were pretty bang on with my character! hippie shredder for life brah!

Who’s the coolest main character on the show aside from you?

i like Dre! Andreas and me grew up together, on the same street even, and he’s a really nice guy, funny too! not a lot of people who grew up in Whistler stick around after highschool, and Dre is one of the few locals who stuck around and really appreciates Whistler for it’s incredible mountains! he’s just doing his thing…shredding and DJ’ing! so mad respect for Dre!


What was the best part of doing a TV show?

the best part about doing a TV show was that i was finally able to say…”look ma’, i’m on TV!”…ha! but seriously, the coolest part was seeing myself on TV! every week i’d get phone calls from my family, telling me how they watched the show! and when the other characters did stupid shit my mom would say “i’m glad that’s not my daughter…” haha! watching the show with my family was the best part for sure! it’s fun to see yourself on TV…and every time i saw myself…i’d get really nervous and shake…like a first date or something…weird.

I must admit, I did end up seeing a good number of episodes. The sickest thing that ever went down, besides when chicks punched dudes in the face, was the roof to backyard down bar… by far the best shred moment on the show. Tell us a little bit about that…

yes, the backyard jib sesh…my favourite!
when i was maybe 16, my dad decided that he was going to make a rail out of steel stud and set it up on the roof over the hot tub so i could jib it. my dad does drywall and steel stud framing for a living. at first i though he was crazy…but he did it! he set it all up and told me to try it out. the first time i hit it with my friend Sarah Kopinya, i was the guinea pig…it took me about a half hour of sitting on the roof to build up the courage to hit it, but as soon as i did, i loved it! it was more mellow then…it use to be a ride on rail…but i told my dad to make it street style for the MTV episode…so he did…and he broke two of the glass panes on the roof setting it up…but he did it, and it was so much fun!! it was all my dad’s idea, i give him full credit! i have a pretty wicked dad!

While we’re on the topic of shred, what are some of your favourite tricks?

my favourite tricks are front side 180 melon and front side 3! i love backlips on a nice street style rail and huge methods on hips! nose grabs are pretty sweet too!

Who inspires you?

my family! my parents are both huge inspirations to me. my mom has Multiple Sclerosis and still manages to live such a full life with such a positive attitude! one day when i was hungover, she dropped me off at my condo with 72 stairs, and i said “i do not want to walk up those stairs right now”, and she said to me…”i wish i could walk up those stairs right now”. growing up with a mother who doesn’t have her full physical capabilities has really made me appreciate mine, and for that i owe her everything!
and my dad…he’s the most amazing father and husband! he works construction everyday…takes a few hours off to ski in the afternoons, and then comes home and cooks an incredible dinner for us! he does everything so that my mom doesn’t have to. a couple years ago my mom was upset because her balance was getting really bad, and she couldn’t go bike riding by herself…so for Christmas my dad bought her a tandem bike so they could go together! everything he does is for his family…and for that, i owe him everything! he supports everything i do! when i graduated, i told him that i didn’t want to go to university…that i wanted to take a year off to snowboard, and he said “that’s great, take four years off if you want to…just don’t waste my fuckin’ money, ha!”. my dad has the best sense of humor! my parents outlook on life is what inspires me!

It sounds like you have a pretty rad family… we definitely have that in common! Anyways Stef, that should pretty much do it. Here’s your chance to give mad props to the people you care about… go for it!

mad props to the people who care about me!! my family!! i love you!!
thanks! chau chau




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29 08 2010
dnm snowboarding

wow… so whilster or argentina is where you meet girls who share the same views on shredding and life… noted

29 08 2010
Jeremy Ryking


I think I’m in love with you!

Yours Truly,

30 08 2010
Jon Schmid

Conspicuously absent: “Do you have a boyfriend and if not will you go on a date with my brother?”

31 08 2010
Gail Just

I love you girl!!!! You are my inspiration….

31 08 2010
Ali Pasemko


31 08 2010


31 08 2010

P.s Your DOPE, we love you, your the shit, and your such a babe. They should name a bottle of wine after you.

1 09 2010
6 09 2010

thats ma girl!

10 09 2010

Yea steph!

31 07 2011
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