Element & Vitamin Water Present: Party At The Plaza

29 08 2010


Alright kids, so we decided that we like events. We like them so much that we are going to start rocking more of them. So we gave a few insane companies a call ’cause we wanna party. The end result is this Saturday’s “Party At The Plaza” brought to you by the good people at Element Skateboards and Vitamin Water.

In true SJ fashion, we are doing this as awesome as possible. We will being throwing out gear and drinks all day long with a few Element decks for the shreds who want to get serious. We have a few decks on the line and will be giving them to the winners of jams done throughout the day on various obstacles at the plaza.

If you like free stuff and delicious hydration you won’t want to miss out on this. As I said a little higher up on the page it is going down this Saturday, September 4th from 1-4PM at the Plaza in Wascana Park.

If you want to get gnar, come out and skate! Look for the Element tent filled with more steeze than the average broken futon can handle! It wont be hard to find, just look for the obnoxious kid with a megaphone and Jeff!

Obviously we need ol’ Mother Nature to lend a hand with this, so cross you fingers that we get one of those random 30 degree days and we can all sweat through our new t-shirts!!

Jesus Loves The Kids




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