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10 08 2010


Nice Digs!

Over the last 10 years and change, Ogio has been at the forefront of Canadian action sports, as well as another little game, not so closely related, golf. Ogio got it’s start absolutely hammer-smashing It’s way into the golf market by showing not just Canada, but the world that golf doesn’t have to be about uptight standards and tradition, but like other mainstream sports it can be full of drama, flare and style.

They have since moved their way into the market of other sports like hockey and baseball through their work with Easton Bell Sports and strengthening their hold on the golf market with Callaway Golf. Showing their versatility has helped them make moves into the most critical audience out there, action sports. Ogio is now the world leader in bags and accessory products for motocross, skate, BMX, surf, and sportbikes. All the while never losing their grasp on the golf market.

Within Canada, Ogio is handled by Rampion Enterprises a distribution company based in Delta, BC. Rampion has seriously aided the cause by diversifying the brands associated with Ogio. Travis Mathew Golf and Kikkor Performance Golf Shoes currently round out the Rampion golf line-up but Roots, Adidas, Ashworth, and Cleveland Golf have all been a part of the team at one point in time. On the action sports side, Pow, Westbeach, Bataleon Snowboards and Nitro Circus round out the fam.

Needless to say, Ogio and Rampion have made a mondo impact on the sporting goods market and helped blur the lines between the mainstream and action sports communities. I got a chance over the last little while to catch up with one of the bigwigs at Rampion, Brady Stoddard Sales & Brand Manager. I wanted to find out what made Ogio so special, and when I asked, this is what I got. Enjoy the read.


Innovative Products Like The Step Up Keep Ogio On Top

TyD: Hey man, thanks for taking the time out to do this. One of the things I really wanted to get your take on is what makes working with a company like Ogio so special?

B: Ogio represents who I am and how I live. Whether it would be on the golf course, snowboarding in Whistler, or traveling the world, I am always using the best gear out there.

TyD: I love that! 2 sentences and I feel the love! So there are obviously a bunch of things, but what do you think Ogio brings to the table that no one else can hold a candle to?

B: We bring action sports to golf and vice versa. We are super innovative and always put out product that is of the highest quality, that is why we offer the lifetime warranty.

TyD: Chea! Lifetime warranty!! Talk about standing behind your product. There is a growing family of studs…and studettes standing behind Ogio, who is the raddest of the rad you’ve come across?


The Ogio 180 Flipped The Moto Industry On It's Head

B: There are so many pros from all types of sports that it wouldn’t be fair to name just a couple.

TyD: That was a very diplomatic answer my friend, but I can respect that. So with such a diverse line of products with every segment of the line, what gets you the most stoked?

B: In Canada, we are most excited about our Limited Edition offerings. Whether it be a golf bag or motocross bag, offering a colour to retailers and friends in Canada that isn’t found anywhere else is cool. We run a few Limited Edition’s a year.

TyD: Only at home, that’s tight! So on the same note, what can we look forward to coming down the pipe from Ogio?

B: It’s top secret!


Eero Ettala Thinks It's Proper To Rock Ogio

So there you have it kids, it’s a bit of a tight lipped group over at Rampion, but all that leaves me wanting is more, more, more from Canada’s leader in “sports distribution” It will no doubt to be interesting to see what comes next for one of the most progressive groups in the game. Thanks to Brady, and Justin at Rampion and a special thanks to Evan Park for getting the ball rolling for me.

For More Info On Rampion & Ogio Take A Stroll Over To
Ogio International

And For More On What’s Going Down At Rampion Have A Look At This
Rampion Enterprises Blog

** As an added little treat for you. In the comments section below do one of two things:
1) Tell us your favourite Ogio athlete or product
2) Tell us why you deserve free Ogio gear
And you can win an Ogio prize pack courtesy of Rampion Enterprises and Ogio




3 responses

10 08 2010
dnm snowboarding

eero ettala.. he changed the whole game when he did the double cork 10 at the end of follow me around..
i deserve ogio gear cuz i break everything so i need stuff that holds up hands down.. or on a real reason note because I love what their company represents and the direction it is heading with all the innovative products and constantly improving every aspect of the gear they provide to us who live and die by action sports… and golf

16 08 2010
Jon Schmid

My Ogio black icon golf bag is the coolest golf bag ever made, period. I don’t think I have ever golfed with someone who hasn’t commented on the way it looks, and like other Ogio bags the layout and features cannot be beat. I have been lucky enough to play some of western Canada’s best courses this summer, and plunking my sexy bag (and big Burton golf towel) down beside a row of tired old traditional bags and watching members stop to check it out as they walk by feels really darn good.

6 05 2011
Matty OC Checks In « streetjesus

[…] * Click here to win a free Ogio backpack courtesy of your friends at streetjesus.net! […]

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