Inbox: with Dylan Miller

28 07 2010


Over the last few years I have had the chance to meet some very interesting, driven and determined people. Not to mention some of the funniest, most outgoing, amazing mother f*ckers on the planet. Dylan Miller is a perfect combination of the two. On the water, Dylan is constantly charging it and upping the ante every time he rides.

Off the water, Dylan is one of the nicest, classiest dudes you will ever meet. He is also the first one to start the party! The kid is always smiling, always looking to make you laugh, and most definitely will brighten your day… regardless of how choppy the lake was.

I creeped his Facebook, shot him an email, and we got to talking. Just as I expected, he is one interesting brotha. Here is a little taste of what’s going on in his world right now, and some colorful pictures to keep things fun!


SJ: Yo Dog, so let’s tell the people a little bit about Dylan Miller.

DM: Yo my name is Dylan Miller I grew up in Oxbow SK Canada. I started wakeboarding 11 years ago.

I got home from school one day and my dad picked up a Stiletto wakeboard from Canadian Tire on his way home from work. I got hooked on it from day one.

SJ: Love at first shred. Alright, sounds perfect. Who were the people who helped you get rockin’?

DM: My parents played a big part in my riding just cause it was their boat I learned so much behind, also my family spent countless hours driving the boat for me. Some other people at home here in Sask got me started in the right direct people like Nick and Trina Mayer, Mat Pointer, Rob Burnett, Ben Watts, and Mike Lieffers. All those people either inspired me to learn more or helped me along my way!


SJ: Solid family background, a must for any up and coming shredder. Another must for any prairie wake-smasher is a move to F.L.A. How did your start down south happen?

DM: I started moving down to Florida during the winter right out of high school, I moved down with three local riders. Adam Burwell, Ashley Leugner, and Anthony Hollick. I’ve been doing the same thing every year and loving it!

SJ: So was it all of the earnings from your music career that got you down there, (Dylan is a ridiculous producer) or how exactly did you finance the exodus to Florida? Any plans on making the trip easier over the next little while?


DM: The area I live in has a very busy oil industry and all the jobs in it tend to pay really well. So that’s how I save money to get my ass somewhere I could ride during the winter.

Drilling Rigs pay very well and there all over the place around here, so I work on one of those during the fall to save scrilla. The next step is getting across the border. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Every year it gets more and more difficult.

My name is red flagged in their system because of the amount of time I spend in the states and I don’t have a visa (because they cost like 3 g’s) so they seem to think as soon as they let me in I’m never coming back! It just comes down to the fact that some border guards really suck big d’s.



SJ: I hear that dude, I think we have all had an experience or 2 at the boarder. So from what I hear there is a solid crew of Canucks riding down there in the winter, who do you shred with on the regular?

DM: I do most of my boat riding down in Florida during the winter. When I get home for the summer in Sask its kind of a up hill battle trying to ride everyday so I usually end up building or finding some jibs to have some fun with cause the weather isn’t always ideal for boat riding here in Sask. This year I’ve been riding with Craig and Mark McMorris a bunch since I got home. There two youngsters that got a good attitude and are really good at pushing to learn.

SJ: Two of the best young dudIes I know! And they are both full of stories, as are most of the kids traveling around killing it. Do you have any interesting tales from the travels or otherwise?


Dylan Is Relentless. Get It?

DM: Interesting stories hey… I got a good one. A month back I began the drive from Florida to Sask. Along the way we (myself and Anthony Hollick) stopped at the second pro tour stop in TX.

We both ended up riding like shit, which sucks but we had a winch with us and Texas is a wakeboard playground for winching. So after 2 days of going hard looking for and hitting up spots, we were just about to call it a day but we figured we would check this pond out behind a museum in downtown Fort Worth.

We walked behind the museum scoped the pond… It looked dope so we walked to the truck to find a broken back window and two backs missing which contained around $17,000 worth of camera gear and other electronics. So that was awesome. There should be a video of the winch trip coming out on some time in the near future.


And with that, Dylan disappeared into the night. Most likely to shop for new camera gear, make smash hit records and ink massively lucrative deals with major clothing companies. Speaking of which, in the days since we spoke Dylan joined the O’Neill family. Along with his boys Adam Burwell (Burwell Productions), Mark McMorris and a host of other young killers. I decided to include a short video put together by Mr. Burwell documenting the first O’Neill ad Dylan has done for their Hyperfreak Boardshorts. Take a little look and go get some shorts!

Thanks to Dylan for taking the time out to make this happen. Also, thanks as usual to Adam Burwell for the footage and the whole Canadian wake crew for absolutely massacring the scene on a Global level. Good luck to Dylan as he finishes out the season with a stop at Wake Stock and Canadian Nationals. If the plan plays out we should see some clips from Dylan in Quebec with the Derome’s and maybe even a stop in The Philippines!

Dylan would like to thank his sponsors Max Henault and Pascal Moisan @ O’Neill, Kevin Johnson and Jeff Funk @ O’Brien, Aaron Lepin @ Xcel as well as his family and friends for all the support.




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