streetjesus x Summer Invasion

20 07 2010

I decided to shoot some video while we were having a blast at Summer Invasion a few weekends back.

I got around to getting the camera and loading some footy onto my computer. Then the fun part started, I taught myself how to use iMovie!

Hope you like it! I know Jeff did!




5 responses

20 07 2010

I dig this vid because I was working during Summer Invasion! So I got to see it through

VZ Contest

20 07 2010
Matty Evs

This is for sure my favorite SJ post because it gave me a look at everything i’m missing back home and is making my decision to move back that much easier in the near future. Thank you Street Jesus, good lookin out!!

VZ contest!!

20 07 2010
Warren Sabine

This is the best post on the internet! Believe me I checked. The only way it could’ve been better is more OCTANE content.

23 07 2010

I love this post because Tyler, much like Octane Powersports Apparel is super rad!

VZ Contest, son!

24 07 2010

matty just move to kelowns. i promise it will be nothing but cherries and oliver skatepark all day er day son. – jefton

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