Jamie Thomas On Ryan Sheckler

17 07 2010

“Leap of Faith question: Not to downplay the enormity of that gap, but do you feel the most important thing to its legend is that it got blocked before anybody could really do it? Skateboarding’s always had its share of “indomitable” gaps that always seem to get blasted a few years later… I mean some kid kickflipped El Toro out of nowhere… but the Leap never got that because it was taken out so early. Do you feel like the Leap would have been claimed pretty commonly by now? Are there gaps that people skate currently you feel are just as large as the Leap?

I think some of the infamy behind the Leap Of Faith is because that dude Richard King tried it and broke his legs. Comparing it to what people are doing now, I think some of the stuff Sheckler has kickflipped seems to be almost as big as the Leap. I don’t know if it’d ever be common, but I think if it was still around, Sheckler could do it.”

– from Jamie’s full-length interview on Chrome Ball Incident. Oh, and one more thing…





One response

22 07 2010

I must say I am quite glad to see a post about this epic piece of skate history. This is a crazy gap/drop (at piont loma high) and to just know guys were hitting this balls out, i have even read a rollerblader died after hitting his head on the landing, yet 2 skateboarders and 8 bladers have attepmted this gap. even to this day it would probley be unclaimed. But I agree with Sheckler having the most potential of success. except a elevator is now in the way of this.

vz contest.

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