Inbox: with Josh Worsfold

13 06 2010

Lately, I’ve had the chance to spend a lot of time with an Okanagan youngster named Josh Worsfold. Josh is a responsible employee, has a nice car, and is generally a pretty nice guy… so naturally you wouldn’t think he is a very good skateboarder. Turns out he knows what he’s doing…

Josh is on shop flow with C1rca, rides for Deviate Boardshop, and is very well respected in the Okanagan skate scene. I decided to dive right in and try to decipher something that very few people understand… the mind of an amateur skateboarder.

STREETJESUS: So Josh, for our large contingent of readers on the Canadian prairies, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

JOSH WORSFOLD: Well Jeff, I am 19 years old and was born and raised in Kelowna, BC. I have been hyped on board sports ever since I was young… Kelowna is paradise for anyone who loves to shred. In the winter you can snowshred at Big White, and in the summer there is a lake to wakeboard/wakeskate and skim… then there is the skating. So it’s been an awesome place to live.

SJ: When did you start skateboarding?

JW: It’s actually a funny story… I got my first skateboard in grade 4 from my grandma for my birthday and was super stoked on it. My grandma must have been super into the scene because I didn’t even ask for one and had no clue what skateboarding even was. Long story short, she got me the thing that shaped my whole life.

SJ: What has kept you skating through the years?

JW: Definitely all the dudes that were sponsored as I was growing up. I always watched them and looked up to them and thought that one day I want to be able to do all that. Definitely too I would try so hard to land everything I tried because I hated waking up the next morning and being sore for nothing. And of course, skateboarding is hella fun.

SJ: Do you find it hard to make the transition from the mediocrity of every day life to the complete involvement and commitment required to become a good skateboarder? Like, do you have to flip a switch when it’s time to go skate?

JW: Ha not really… skateboarding has just become a lifestyle and I live to skate. So my focus definitely doesn’t need to be switched. When I am working, I am thinking when can I get off to skate. When I was at school, I was thinking how can I skip out and go skate… so my mind is always in that mode. But definitely once I am skating I flip the switch to the outside world. I usually leave my phone in my car and just go shred.

SJ: Which big-time skaters are you really stoked on right now?

JW: Oh man, there is so many sick dudes out there shredding. I would say that my all time favorite for tricks and steez is Sean Malto. Front Crooks and Back Overcrooks are SOO sick. I am pretty hyped on Shane O’Neills new part. Some other not super main stream skaters I am stoked on are Luan de Oliveira, Daniel Espinoza, and of course the Minor Media dudes repping Canada harddd.

SJ: What lies ahead for Josh Worsfold in the world of skateboarding?

JW: I am gonna just keep having fun man… People are stoked if you’re stoked so we’ll see where that takes me. I am just gonna keep getting into as many comps as I can and keep filming and skating… Hyped

SJ: Shout-outs?

JW: Definitely shout out to the fam, I always have to throw out a thanks to Kelly Ross for helping me from the beginning… Amos at C1rca always throwing me fresh kicks and keeping me clothed and hyped… Deviate Boardshop for being rad dudes and hooking me up… anyone who has filmed or shot photos for me… and the big man up top giving me mad props haha… And of course, you Jeff… like a boss
Thanks man

SJ: No Josh, thank you…

An older line capped off with a big switch ollie:

And some more recent butter:




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14 06 2010


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