Red Bull X Fighters: Egypt Recap

17 05 2010

Over the weekend the world’s biggest and baddest FMX contest hit the Giza Plateau in Egypt.  The Red Bull X-Fighters once again put on a show, this time at the feet of the 4,000 year old Sphinx.

Red Bull decided that rather than bulldoze a landmark, they would change up the format a little. Using all of the limited space they had, a new course design was unvailed. Two riders would take to the course simultaneously and attack 2 jumps in a trick vs. trick format.

Getting straight to the good stuff, the man on man heats of the semi-final and final. Semi-final numero uno saw Robbie “My Boy Maddo” Maddison take on Andre “I won in Mexico” Villa. There was no shortage of innovation and risk, as the boys threw down. Villa decided that he wanted to win in… not the rain so he made it out of the heat and “on to the next one”

The second semi featured Nate “The Destroyer” Adams and Adam “I Throw More Technical Tricks Than You Do” Jones. As you might assume things were pretty techy. It was a battle of two very, VERY consistent riders and Jones going mondo saw him through to the final.

And so it was, “Angry” Adam Jones and Andre Villa took to the Egyptian skies in the finals of one of the most progressive FMX events ERVER!
Villa laid it all on the line with some huge extensions and a creative cornucopia of tricks. Going large the whole heat, the favourite put the pressure on the showman from the outset. As the two traded punches, Jones put down a massive triple combo and a very rare mistake from Villa saw his fate sealed.

And that’s how it ended, Adam Jones the master of the big trick showdown topped Villa who will no doubt be a threat for the overall championship. Peep this video for a visual of everything I just said.




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