All Things Good and Wet

3 05 2010

In the interest of telling winter to suck it, I decided to get my head in different space and start thinking about the upcoming wake season.  In order to best serve the disciples of streetjesus, I did what I always do and went to the source.

Thanks to working in a shop for a few water-boarding seasons I got to meet some rad dudes in the wake world.  On the industry side, they don’t get much radder than Adam Smith, territory rep for BMG Sports.

I’ve had the opportunity to see first hand the gnarly that goes into O’Brien wake product, and it’s the reason why I ride what I do. I caught up with Adam over the last week and we had the chance to chat about the new season of gear. Adam shot me over a little breakdown of the 2010 line, with the top men’s and women’s boards for the year.

On the men’s side thanks to years of top riders tearing their boards to shit, O’Brien has some gnar goods to offer.  Here is the top three as told through the email of Adam Smith.  Take your pick!

2010 Decade

1) The Decade (Daniel Watkins Pro Model)– Same shape as 2009 with the variable edge profile running through the center 14” of the board.  Board feels really floaty when centered but locks in an edge when you crank on it.  Huge delta base keeps the water breaking off the board and helps with rocker-induced drag.  Beefy 3-stage gives the board a ton of pop and with its wide profile and v-spine running through the bottom of the board landings are super soft. Board comes in a slider base as well. Graphic treatment for this year is sick, bright blue-checkered hits on a solid gloss white canvas make this board pop.  Colour matched badging and fins finish the board off nice and give it a premium look.

2) The Coda (Tyler Daku Pro Model)– No shape changes from models past.  The board maintains its low profile design keeping it light and fast. Because of this lower profile design the board can actually flex under load and rebound as you hit the wake giving it tons of pop. The noticeable v-hull allows the boards to roll onto edge easily and keeps landings nice and soft. The Coda is also available with a slider base.  Graphic treatment comes from the movie “Sin City”.  The red hits in the board are a gloss finish while the black base colour stays matte to give it a wicked contrast.  Aluminum “Coda” badge finishes the board off.

2010 Valhalla

3) The Valhalla – Reping a progressive rocker the Valhalla takes the predictability of continuous rocker and blends it with the pop of a 3 stage.  The full rail and beveled edge in the midsection keep the board loose and floaty when centered and tapers in volume towards the tip and tail to provide the lock-in power you need when carving.  Weather you’re a grom or a full sized shredder, the Valhalla comes in 4 sizes so there is something to fit everyone.  The Valhalla is also available with slider base.  Graphic treatments include a super clean black and green graphic on a full white background, combine that with the textured top sheet and the Valhalla is dressed to impress.

Streetjesus also made sure there was something for the ladies.  No top three here though, it just isn’t necessary.  Year after year one board smokes the competition, it is the reason the Coda exists and just might be the most fun whip on the water.  Ladies, buy a Skyla!

2010 Skyla

1) Skyla – The official shred stick of Dallas Friday.  This board is fast and light just like the Coda.  Inset fin placement helps generate more angle to the wake making it easier to generate pop for riders with smaller feet and lighter rider weight.  Graphic treatments include a wicked zebra print with matte and gloss finishes making it pop off the board.  If you think the top sheet looks good, check out the base!  Fluorescent blue and pink zebra print makes this board visible from any shoreline.  Spin 7’s and heads with the 2010 Skyla!

And there you have it kids, now go buy a board!  Thanks again to Adam and the staff at BMG for their continued support of streetjesus, and the sport of wakeboarding!




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