Red Bull Gives You Wiiings…I Hope!

9 04 2010

April 8th 2010 was a big day for several reasons. Jeff skated all the way to work passing cars on Broad St. along the way, and I had a HUGE dinner at my dad’s as a surprise to my bro who turns 25 today.

Oh ya, and Aussie Robbie Maddison jumped over a 280 ft. canal in Greece!

The Corinth Canal, which has long been gawked at by all types of stunt men for obvious reasons was conquered on the same day Jeff Schmid tamed the Dewdney underpass. Measuring 280 feet high is gnar enough, but the fact that it is a 300+ foot drop to the water means this dude is certifiable!

Racing over grass, concrete, dirt and carpet to gain the 78 mph speed he needed Robbie passed over a soccer pitch, a parking lot and a chicken coop before taking flight over the canal.

photo: Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Photofiles

When asked about the jump Maddo responded “Overcoming fear, that’s always the hardest part,“ he said. “Jumping across the Corinth Canal has become in my mind a challenge I just could not resist. This jump involved the highest consequences I have faced so far, so the first obstacle I had to overcome was my fear. I believe you have to take risks in life to become wiser and facing a challenge like this will help get me ready for the next feat I will face. I am thrilled I managed to pull it off, as you know there is only one opportunity to get it right!”

Robbie Maddison can next be seen killing it, next Friday at stop 1 of the 2010 Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City




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