Kelly Slater: King Of Bells Beach

9 04 2010

Surfing is slowly taking over the home of streetjesus, with nightly sessions of DC’s “DUDECRUISE” and “Flow” being pretty much the only way either one of us can fall asleep.

Given this recent rekindling of my love for surf, I thought this was appropriate. 9 times world champion Kelly Slater was in fine form Thursday night, and no one needed to turn on the DVDs until the Ripcurl Pro Bells Beach was over.

The contest was forced to go nomad and moved all over Australia’s Victorian Coast. From Bells, to Thirteenth, to Winkipop and finally Johanna the world’s best surfers were on the hunt for the world’s best waves. Thanks to the ASP and contest director Damien Hardman for pulling this one out.

I decided not to recap the whole event, being as the final day’s swell was a little worbley, and inconsistent. I will however talk a little bit about how 2 of surfing’s best got in done in the rain and slop down under.

The final saw Aussie world champ Mick Fanning face off against Kelly “The Greatest Surfer Of All Time” Slater. Everyone from the fans at the venue, to the contest announcers, to Mark Ennis knew we were in for a good one.
The heat started rather slow, with waves scoring in the 3’s and 4’s. This only cemented my belief that things would get stupid very soon.

Sure enough right around the halfway point of the heat, Kelly caught a banger! On a less the perfect takeoff Chea-Boy managed one face-smashing hack of a turn. Just as I thought he was going to kick out and paddle back into the line-up, he came right back with a huge alley-oop 3 into the white wash. I just about shit when I saw him stand up (on his broken right foot) about 3 seconds later, after the foamy mess had chilled out. This got the king an 8.93, and we were off!

Mick answered back to keep from getting combo’d later in the heat, but Kelly’s next wave was the one that put this contest to bed.

The 38-year-old Cocoa Beach Freakshow paddled into another tasety treat connecting on several different sections and riding one, almost to the rocks. Oh and he threw in a nasty little reverse on the face for good measure.

Long Live The King!

So although Mick surfed a solid heat that would have easily had him ringing the bell against a human, he was up against Kelly Slater and that’s just not fair.

And so, for the 42nd time in his career Kelly was carried to the podium. He rang the famous bell for a record-tying 4th time (he is tied with Mark Richards).

This has me excited for one thing, because winning events is passé.
World title, number 10.




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