Katal Innovations: Happy Landings

5 04 2010

You know when the guy flew through the Olympic Rings in the opening ceremonies in Vancouver? Well, that snowboarder was Endeavor’s Johnny Lyall, and the thing he landed on was a Katal Innovations Landing Pad. It’s basically a padded landing strip, but unlike a foam pit, you can still stomp things on it. Here’s the scoop:

“Katal is comprised of a small crew of scientifically inclined skiers and snowboarders dedicated to safe progress in action sports. Their first project, The Landing Pad, was inspired by a tragic accident: in February 2005 Aaron Coret took a hard fall on a routine switch backside 540, crushing his C5/C6 vertebrae and leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Coret teamed up with best friend and fellow Engineer Steve Slen to build a next generation safety device that would allow skiers and snowboarders to progress riding in a safe environment. The Landing Pad that allows you to ride the trick out if you land on your feet and absorbs your impact if you do not, providing a safe learning environment for all ages and ability levels.”


PS… Thanks to our boy Ben Mcintyre for bringing this to our attention.




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