Ruck On Ronix

1 04 2010

We’ve been waiting for Ronix to drop some big news…I’d say this is big. Peep the press release!

All Smiles About The New Ride

On a warm spring day outside of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin (pronounced Wiscaaaaauuuuunsin) in the early 80’s was born a dude – a dude with a love jamming 60’s-inspired music and all aspects of riding a wakeboard.
Erik Ruck decided to live out his dream and, as a teenager with no sponsors or guarantees, made the trek down to Florida to pursue his vision.

Over the years he would go on to take his nonchalant playground approach to wakeboarding in different directions. With a smooth, technical style unique to his own, he was crowned the World Champion of wakeboarding, Pro Tour champion and a member of the most influential group of freeriders – Pointless.
During the days of filming for the ground breaking Pointless movie Incomplete, Ruck became teammates and best friends with Parks, Danny and Chad.

In the summer of ’06 those three riders left Ruck’s team to start their own wakeboard company. They still sessioned with Ruck on a regular basis all the while building up their new brand – Ronix wakeboards. Now Parks, Danny and Chad have signed him to a lifetime handshake agreement with Ronix.
Look for some nose-pressing, all-terrain-shredding devices designed and collaborated between Erik Ruck and Pat Panakos in the summer of 2011. In the meantime, to learn more on why Ruck is Ronix, check out our latest video at Ronix TV

Ronix Wake




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