Winter X Games Europe

21 03 2010

iPod flashing the Volcom Stone

Let me start by saying that this post is WAY late, and the SJ would like to apologize for that…

The X Games went overseas this year! That’s right folks, the best snowboarders and skiers in the world gathered in Tignes, France last week for the first ever Euro version of the Winter X Games. Here is a day-to-day breakdown of the happenings:


Men’s Ski Superpipe: Kevin Rolland won the American version of this event earlier this year, and he was able to put down another huge run in his home counrty of France to win again. His run ended in a Double Cork 1260… like a ski version of Shaun White’s banger.

1 – Kevin Rolland   2 – Xavier Bertoni   3 – Justin Dorey


Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle: You may have read a little about this one on streetjesus already… On a course that was full of jumps, and only had a couple of rail features, it was O’Neill team rider Eric Willet who came away with the win. For the exclusive streetjesus interview, courtesy of Burwell Productions, click here.

1- Eric Willet   2 – Sage Kotsenburg   3 – Marko Grilc

Women’s Snowboard Superpipe: 20 year-old Kaitlyn Farrington put down a 97.0 on her second run of the competition, enough to put the Torah Bright show on hold for a little while. Her run included an insane Backside 900, and was boosty throughout.

1 – Kaitlyn Farrington   2 – Torah Bright   3 – Sophie Rodriguez


Women’s Ski Slopestyle: Kaya Turski is THE FRANCHISE of women’s freestyle skiing. I have been giving this girl a lot of love since streetjesus went live, and she does not disappoint. #1 in the Winter X Games, and in our hearts.

1 – Kaya Turski   2 – Keri Herman   3 – Ashley Battersby

Men’s Ski Slopestyle: The throwdown was on between Bobby Brown and Tom Wallisch, and 1st place could of easily went to either skiier. Tom Wallisch won the battle 94.0 to 93.0… his run did look a little more effortless.

1- Tom Wallisch   2 – Bobby Brown   3 – Jossi Wells

Women’s Ski Superpipe: Jen Hudak was as steezy as ever, and throwing 900s like they ain’t no thang. She wins.

1 – Jen Hudak   2 – Roz Groenewoud   3 – Anais Caradeux

Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle: The next time you are considering making a joke about women snowboarders, consider the following… Jenny Jones does Frontside 720s over 80-foot jumps. Do you?

1 – Jenny Jones   2 – Kjersti Oestgaard Buass   3 – Sina Candrian

Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe: iPod capped off the first Euro games by posting a 98.0 in the superpipe. The Swiss slayer put down a perfect Backside Double Cork 1260, the same trick that Shaun White introduced to the world in the Olympics.

1 – Iouri Podladtchikov   2 – Mathieu Crepel   3 – Louie Vito




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