On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

16 03 2010

Last night my roommate handed me a copy of Rolling Stone, on newsstands now. The reason he gave it to me was because Shaun White is the cover boy.  Obviously I read it, but it wasn’t what I expected.  Ya it said Shaun won gold in Vancouver, but that was about the extent of the predictable.  The article cover things more along the lines of what the Shauner listens to on the road and how he hates Miley Cyrus.  Well her music anyway.  I mean who can really hate that girl?

The majority of the article talked about White’s tastes outside of snowboarding and how he plans to focus more on skating in the future.  Some of the Tomato’s goals for the next few years include getting skating in the Olympics and smoking people at that.

I was interested to read about how normal the kid really is.  He just wants to skate around and look at old rock n’ roll artifacts, like Axl Rose’s jacket which is on display at the Hard Rock in Vegas.  He explains to Rolling Stone how the things in the casino allow him the mental freedom to part ways with $60, 000 in one sitting.

Anyways… I won’t ruin the whole thing for you.  Go grab a copy at 7-11.  While you’re there, if anyone wants to get me a Slurpee that would be rad too!




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