15 03 2010

In what will hopefully become an annual event, THESHOW went down Sunday at Mission Ridge, SK. About 75 park rats came out to get a piece of the most original slopestyle setup in Saskatchewan’s history. The course included a large propane tank, a washer/dryer feature, a fridge bonk, a butter box/launcher and more. Here’s what went down:

Zach Taylor and Levi Ziegler were stealing the show most of the day. On the propane tank, which was approximately 15 feet long and hard as fuck, both riders did a cab 180 to 50-50, tame dog (frontflip) out. Zach added some perfect frontside 360 fridge bonks, and Levi answered with a couple backflips and some stellar frontside rodeo handplants on the fridge.

Unfortunately, due to some extreme fatigue from killing it all day, the boys weren’t able to put down their best stuff in the finals, and Mission Ridge snowboard instructor Matt Kary taught a lesson on how to slay rails. He did 270 on-270 off on the propane tank, backside lip on the propane tank, and nosepressed the down bar… all buttery smooth. His consistency and steeze was enough to secure him the win.

Not a lot of girls came out to ride in the comp, but the ones who did were sending it all day, and didn’t really seem intimidated by anything. Yep, they were a true group of snowboard ladies… always having fun, and never afraid to throw down just like the boys.

Congrats to all the winners, and to organizers Josh Bresciani and Jesse Bryksa for killing it! It was an awesome event, and everyone has a good goggle tan to show for it. Here are the results:

Mens Open Snowboard:

  1. Matt Kary
  2. Levi Ziegler
  3. Zach Taylor

Mens Open Ski:

  1. Nathan Gorin
  2. Paul Rommelaere
  3. Farren Brown

Amateur Snowboard:

  1. Matt Stephan
  2. Cole Welter
  3. Preston Wood

Womens Snowboard:

  1. Kristen Zorn
  2. Rebecca Weimer
  3. Jessica Balfour

Groms Snowboard:

  1. Brady Lockert
  2. Rylan Dusyk
  3. Chris Dong

Groms Ski:

  1. Samuel Palaschuk
  2. Jason McDougal

Josh Bresciani - Making it happen #1

Jesse Bryksa - Making it happen #2

Matt Kary - Nosepress

Levi Ziegler - Frontside Rodeo Handplant

Ben Mcintyre getting a good look at Zach Taylor on the propane tank

New School Blayne does what most new school kids do when they see a rail feature... jump over it!

Justin Bryksa - Yes ladies, he does work at Sunshine & Ski...

... and he has a bad case of good steeze.

Zach Henry - Fridge




4 responses

15 03 2010

Props to you guys for putting on such a sick event. Everyone was so stoked! There is a huge scene here in the prairies…people are finally starting to realize that by the exposure that these types of events attract. Props!

16 04 2010
robbie downing

man i loved the comp i was in it and i lvoe the set up and every thing nice man nice

25 07 2010

One of the more memorable days riding this past season.

VZ Contest

6 05 2011
THESHOW: Video « streetjesus

[…] Here is some video from THESHOW. Full recap and complete updated results here. […]

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