Surf’s Up Brah

4 03 2010

Spring has sprung, and so has the ASP World Tour.  Stop one on the 9 month circuit went off in the land down under over the last week, and it didn’t disappoint.  The contest included a lay day due to the tsunami that rocked the world, but finished with a bang and has most knuckle-shaking broheims stoked for the season.

The contest saw the tour’s heavy hitters in mid-season form with 9-time belt holder Kelly Slater rockin’ like a rookie and newly inked O’Neill team rider Bobby Martinez making his way into the money rounds.

Even with all pistons firing this one turned out to be all about the next generation.  After a few rounds of the usual results, the quarters saw the young guns with their game faces on and ready to kill it.  With Quiksilver renegade Dane Reynolds, Martinez, Jordy Smith and Taj Burrow all making the elite 8, things were shaping up better than a winter swell on the North Shore.

Burrow took down De Souza, Martinez ousted Kai Otton, Dane beat the Dingo and Jordy Smith sat down my current bro Bede Durbidge setting up the semis.

Think He Looks A Little Like jesus?

The final four posted big scores with 3 of the bro-brahs putting up double digits.  Taj and Bobby slugged it out with only 2.67 points difference getting the Aussie into the final.  Dane was done a little more handily than Martinez posting a 8.96 two wave total up against Smith’s 16.30.

On deck was a stacked final with Firewire wonder shred Taj Burrow paddling out against The Superfreak Jordy Smith.  The heat was full of tasty set waves and there was no disappointment on the side of the competitors.  Solid scores were posted all over the place during this heat and the South African held the lead for the majority.  Then years of being an absolute fucking phenom took over and Taj put up a big score late in the finale.  He then held priority and floated his way to the win and temporary top spot on the WCT.


On top of the broner I had the whole time thanks to the epic volume of scandalously cut bikini bottoms lining the beach, was some completely next level small wave shredding.  The amount of aerials, reverses and machete-like cutbacks had my eyes wide the whole time!

And don’t worry the blood will stay pumping.  It’s only a few short weeks until someone rings the bell at the Ripcurl Pro…  Bede and Kelly in the final, just sayin’.





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