Video Review: Strange World

1 03 2010

The first skate vid of the season has dropped, and it’s the Zero team in Strange World.

This is a strange video. First of all, there isn’t very much going on visually here. Most of the shots are bland and the spots being skated are usually quite boring.

It’s impossible to please everyone when it comes to soundtracks, but the music in Strange World is going to be worse than most for a lot of people, myself included. With a few exceptions, the soundtrack consists of what I would describe as “Bad Metal”. Obviously some people will disagree with this, including probably most of the Zero team.

The skating is good, but not really as good as we’re used to seeing from some of the other industry-leading skate teams. That being said, the skating is true to Zero’s legacy of “big skating”… I don’t think anyone does a manual in the entire movie. No one really steals the show, but all the guys you would expect to turn in a solid section (Chris Cole, Garrett Hill, Tommy Sandoval), do turn in a solid section. Jamie Tancowny, the 19 year-old Albertan who looks like the 11 year-old kid in Almost Famous, closes the video with a strong part that is sure to get him even more international attention.

Here is the problem though… the whole video ends up coming across like a really long West 49 commercial, with better skating. However, if you are a fan of skate sections edited to Young Jeezy songs, there is a Christmas-sized surprise for you near the end of this one. The other redeeming quality of the video is the fact that Jason Dill could afford to buy it. So, instead of picking up a new Billabong lanyard this month, head down to Tiki Room in Regina and pick up your copy of Strange World for the very fair price of 12$.

Strange World: 5/10

– jefton




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