Progression 1st, Fun 2nd, Fanaticism 3rd

18 02 2010

Torah Bright - Golden

While #87 was busy making the country proud, a steezy girl from Australia with a good smile was laying down Gold Medal runs at Cypress. I have become a huge fan of this girl… not just because she’s good, but because she is original. Torah is a breath of fresh air not just for women’s halfpipe riding, but for halfpipe riding in general.

While most of the girls were doing stock frontside spinners and snowplowing through their landings, Torah was starting her run off with a backside 360 -> switch corked backside 720 combo. While the originality and difficulty of this type of thing might be lost on the average TV Olympic viewer, it was not lost on me… or the judges for that matter. Torah is also rumoured to have a double cork in her arsenal, but she didn’t have a chance to give it a try tonight. She instead focused on landing her already banger run, and securing that Gold Medal.

Also, mad props to bubbly American Hannah Teter, who rode big and is going home with the Silver. Aside from being a great snowboarder, Hannah is an awesome person. She is quickly becoming a streetjesus favorite with her boosty tricks, some solid bikini photog, and the fact that she has poured about 160,000$ of her personal savings into a small town in Kenya that she is determined to help out as much as possible… Righteous!

Kelly Clark was saved by Jesus and got third.

– jefton




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