Off the “Ricker” Scale!

16 02 2010

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Maelle Ricker won gold today in Women’s Snowboard Cross.  The Vancouver girl couldn’t have picked a more dramatic way in which to capture the top spot.  In the early part of the day, the course looked a little sketchy.  Maelle and several others had a tough time with the conditions, and went down on their first qualifying run.  While Maelle managed to put together a solid second run and get into the quarterfinals, Dominique Maltais was not so lucky.  Going off the course in her first run and failing to clock a quick enough time in her second run, her day was done early as she finished a distant 20th.

Ricker moved on to the quarterfinal round, where she won her heat in a little more vintage fashion and got through to the semis.  In the second semifinal heat, she was up against heavy favorite Lindsey Jacobellis.  The beginning of the heat was tightly contested as we all figured it would be, until the American went down, allowing the girl from West Van to advance to the final.  In the last race of the day, Maelle showed true form… getting the holeshot and leading the pack from wire to wire.  Jamie Campbell did a hell of a job sending shivers down my spine with his call of  “Almost Home!” as she came over the last step down jump, and I’m pretty sure my whole building heard my champion arms go up!

Thanks to Maelle and Dominique for continuing the strong riding by Canada at Cypress, and allowing me a few fleeting moments to boast to the Jefton about our country’s snowboard skills!

Watch the winning run here





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