Olympic Predictions

13 02 2010

So with the Olympics now officially underway, shitty cauldron and all, we’re going to do a post on the only thing that really matters for the next 17 days…  the outcome of the half pipe contest.  There is a very solid chance that 6 Americans will be on the podium, but there are still some things to be talked about.  For example, what are the chances of the US not sweeping? Interesting right.  We figured with the world’s best coming together for this contest, we should bring in one of the badest badasses we know to weigh in on the topic.  Our boy Scott at Nike is right in the middle of the Olympic mess in Vancouver (he seriously lives down the street from the big shitty torch), and the guy knows his shreds.  So we are going to have 3 dudes with strong opinions to lay this one out.

Im typing right now so Im going to lead it off…

The Shauner showed the world at the X Games that he doesn’t fuck around.  Also he is a robot… so unless he hits a rut and smashes his face on the lip, again, he is a lock.
I am a strong believer in steeze-balls so I think Louie Vito is going to throw down and walk away with silver.
Rounding out the podium, I’m taking the new kid with the golden nugget… Greg Bretz for the bronze.

On the ladies side, I have had my fingers crossed since X that Torrah can rock the dub cork, so if that goes down, she is getting the gold.
Kelly Clark shreds on another level so I’m going with her for silver.
Also I feel like there is a little room on the podium for a mega-hottie, so Gretchen gets third.

Alright, I’ve said my piece, now it’s time for my boy J to take the keys and give you his spin. Take it away Jefton!

Well Ty, I don’t really care who wins the silver and bronze medal at the Olympics. All I do care about is getting to watch Shaun White ride his snowboard in glorious HD with the rest of the world watching with me… I hope for one night, everyone tuned in across the globe can feel what I feel when the Shauner soars 20 feet above the lip and gets upside down twice. Here is how I see things playing out:

Gold – Shaun White | Silver – Shaun White | Bronze – Shaun White | 4th Place: Wayne Gretzky

– jefton

Shaun's acceptance speech - We can predict the future

And with that, it’s time for the guest appearance.  When I contacted Scotty about this post, he was hyped to say the least.  So amongst a few action packed weeks of dropped phone calls and BlackBerry messages, he hit me back with his thoughts.

“OK Dude – here’s what I think. I didn’t want to pick a US sweep but they are going to be tough to beat.”

1. Shaun White
2. Louis Vito
3. Iouri Podladtchikov

1. Kelly Clark
2. Gretchen Bleiler
3. Hannah Teeter

Imagine that standing on the podium!!

So there you have it.  The streetjesus brain-trust, and our collective thoughts on the pipe contest to come.
All I really have left to say is good luck to The Great One.  Thanks again to Scott Kerslake for the input!




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