It’s All About the Benjamins…Well Not Always

11 02 2010

So with the Olympics just around the corner there is a lot going on in the world of sports. Action sports are no exception. There was a lot of action this week on every level of the industry from TV deals to athletes making moves. For starters former Forum team rider Kareem El Rafie became an honorary Canadian when he signed a deal to ride Vancouver born Endeavor Snowboards. Kareem is all about the soul of the game, so needless to say he is a good fit on a crew with the same mentality. All the best to Kareem and the Endeavor team.

Alright, now it’s all about the money. First up the Maloof Money Cup. If your eyes got wide, like mine did when you read that line, get this…Joe and Gavin Maloof, the owners of the Sacramento Kings and the founders of the cup have just thrown down a cool $2 mil. to build a new park in Queens, NY for a second Money Cup event. After the NYC event in June, shreds will head back down to Costa Mesa, Ca for the OG version of the contest.
Peep the teaser.

Money Cup: NYC

Keeping in the money, the story continues with the ownership ordeal with Whistler/Blackcomb.  In order to alleviate part of their $1.76578 bil. debt (number might not be totally accurate) Intrawest has agreed to sell off one of its resorts.  The Sandestin Golf Resort in Destin, Fl is rumoured to on the move to the Becnel family…Here’s hoping it’s worth enough to help hang on the Olympic host hill and everyone’s favourite MTV set (fingers crossed)
Keep it locked, we’ll let ya know when the deal is done!

What Would Whis Be Like Without These Guys???





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